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“Missed opportunities:” News, notes from up-and-down Florida State practice as kickoff vs. LSU approaches

FSU had their penultimate practice before taking on the Tigers in what was described as “sloppy”

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“We had a lot of missed opportunities.”

Mike Norvell’s usual tone did not come to the microphone today. The head coach of the Seminoles brought up the two themes that he has said all camp: consistency and opportunities. Both of these needed work today. The Seminoles are 72 hours from game week but did not put their best foot forward Thursday morning. Mike Norvell mentioned dropped balls among some of the faults, and Jarrien Jones said the team missed their patented “intensity” during practice.

Still, there were bright spots throughout the periods, and Norvell liked his team’s response. Even during a difficult day, there were plenty of positives to take away.

Keon Coleman

After an entire offseason, new superlatives are running short when bringing up the Michigan State transfer. He made the play of the day on offense: during a red zone drill, he caught a back-shoulder fade from Jordan Travis, contorting his body mid-air and using strong hands to pluck the ball out of the air. The player who matched up with him was Florida State’s best cover corner, Fentrell Cypress. The size jumps off the screen, but the little things are where he excels.

His hands are what every receiver coach dreams of: soft when catching the ball but return to it with ferocity and intensity. He presents his hands late, so corners never know when the ball is coming. The way he beats press coverage and stacks corners are not skills every college receiver can do. Scouts around the NFL took notice and started putting Coleman in the conversation of being a first-round pick. By the end of the year, if he lives up to the hype, it shouldn’t be much of a debate.

Details, Details, Details...

Norvell could be heard screaming, “gotta pick it up details and intensity,” during a break period, repeating this phrase multiple times. Florida State’s talent matches up with any team in the country, but as the head coach continues to emphasize, small things will make the most significant impact on the trajectory of this team. With the details in mind, practice was heavy on technique.

Receivers worked on getting off of press coverage, the defensive line practiced using their hands multiple times throughout the morning, and tight ends perfected their pass blocking. These may not be the glamorous drills, but the difference between winning and losing vs. LSU — and the rest of the Seminoles slate in 2023 — starts and ends with doing simple techniques the right way, every play.

Kyle Morlock

On a day when consistency and professionalism became a question mark, Morlock optimized the word. Like a seasoned veteran, he has worn all the hats the coaching staff expects him to wear throughout camp. His work when blocking stands out even for a player who towers at 6’7. The transfer tight end also came down with a contested grab during red zone work today, using his frame to catch a ball where only he could get it. The coaching staff eagerly waits to use him as a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. Morlock can stay on the field on all three downs and be used in all formations. As Florida State works through their best look on offense, having their pick of Morlock and Bell on the field together or separately on all plays creates infinite ways to make explosive plays for the Seminoles.

Florida State will be closed to the media during practice tomorrow and travel to Orlando on Saturday. Tomahawk Nation will have more pre-game coverage as the Seminoles rapidly approach LSU part two.

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