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“I think we got a lot of weapons:” Norvell, Wilson, Fiske, Coleman, Graham Jr. interviews

Peyton Baker/Tomahawk Nation

Florida State Seminoles football is in the early days of fall camp, acclimating back to action as it preps for a season-opening matchup vs. the LSU Tigers in Orlando.

Monday featured the Seminoles donning pads for the second time this offseason, enabling the team to take the extra step in establishing the tone ahead of the season.

“You have the off day,” head coach Mike Norvell said after practice, referring to FSU’s day off on Sunday, “you want to see how they respond. First morning practice, nice humidity and heat and I thought guys came out and they worked. Things we had to clean up and correct, but I really like the intent, the purpose, the way they were responding throughout practice.”

Norvell, defensive lineman Braden Fiske, linebacker Omar Graham Jr. and wide receiver Johnny Wilson and Keon Coleman all spoke with the media today, detailing the day’s work and offering insight into camp so far.

Head coach Mike Norvell

Wide receiver Johnny Wilson

Defensive lineman Braden Fiske

Video courtesy Noles247

Linebacker Omar Graham Jr.

Video courtesy The Osceola

Wide receiver Keon Coleman

Video courtesy Warchant