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FSU vs. Boston College: Halftime thoughts and observations

The Seminoles had a rough first half against Boston College, struggling to contain their offense and get rhythm with Jordan Travis.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminoles headed up to Boston for the annual Red Bandana game against Boston College.

At halftime, the No. 3 Seminoles lead the Eagles 17-10.

The ‘Noles had a sluggish start on defense, with BC moving up the field and milking the clock on their opening touchdown drive. They had missed coverages, poor tackling, and a lack of discipline.

They struggled again on their next drive, with BC converting two 4th and 1s to keep the Seminoles' offense off the field — though in the end, FSU was able to hold BC to a field goal in a goal-to-go situation.

On offense to start off the game, the Seminoles were able to run the ball well but failed to convert on a crucial red zone opportunity and settled for a field goal.

On their next drive, they had some crucial plays from Jordan Travis and some critical errors from BC leading to a Jaheim Bell touchdown, showcasing signs of gaining good rhythm.

On the Seminoles’ third offense possesion of the game, the Seminoles drove 70 yards in seven plays to snag their first lead of the game off a Trey Benson two-yard touchdown.

They then had an excellent stop on defense setting up the offense with another opportunity, then the most concerning thing happened for any FSU fan — Jordan Travis went down in apparent pain.

While Travis remained on the sideline, Tate Rodemaker took the final snap of the first half — a simple kneel-down.

There are no current updates on Travis’ status, but when the Seminoles take the field to start the third quarter they’ll do so on offense, so we’ll get an answer pretty quickly.

Florida State vs. Boston College: Halftime stats

Total Yards:

Passing Yards:

  • Florida State: 79
  • Boston College: 131

Rushing Yards:

  • Florida State: 82
  • Boston College: 114


  • Florida State: 0-0
  • Boston College: 11-81

1st Downs:

  • Florida State: 10
  • Boston College: 10

3rd Downs:

  • Florida State: 0-3
  • Boston College: 3-9

4th Downs:

  • Florida State: 1-1
  • Boston College: 2-2

Total Plays:

  • Florida State: 27
  • Boston College: 37

Average Yards Per Play:

  • Florida State: 6
  • Boston College: 6.6

Average Yards Per Completion:

  • Florida State: 15.8
  • Boston College: 13.1

Average Yards Per Rush:

  • Florida State: 4.8
  • Boston College: 5.7

Sack-Adj Rush Yards (Average):

  • Florida State: 82 (4.8)
  • Boston College: 114 (5.7)

Red Zone Efficiency:

  • Florida State: 3-3
  • Boston College: 1-1

Time of Possession:

  • Florida State: 11:52
  • Boston College: 18:08

Turnovers (Defensive Points Off):

  • Florida State: 0 (0)
  • Boston College: 0 (0)

Fumbles Lost:

  • Florida State: 0-0
  • Boston College: 0-0

Sacks (Defensive Yards):

  • Florida State: 0 (0)
  • Boston College: 0 (0)

Tackles for Loss (Defensive Yards):

  • Florida State: 5 (11)
  • Boston College: 0 (0)