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FSU vs. Clemson: Halftime thoughts and observations

FSU had a rough start against the Tigers, but their offense responded well and brought them back in the game.

Charles Mays/Tomahawk Nation

Facing off against the Clemson Tigers on the road, No. 4 Florida State has had a rough start to the major matchup — but has managed to not fall apart despite the sluggish beginning.

Clemson got the jump on them early in the first quarter and FSU responded offensively in the second quarter.

In that first quarter, FSU struggled defensively on third down — Clemson had almost 150 yards on offense and FSU had only 21 total yards on offense.

What was concerning for the offense was they started sluggish, out of sync, and made some errors in their execution.

But then they came out on their third drive and showed just how high the ceiling is for them this year. The following drive they also had an impressive drive.

Two back-to-back 75-yard touchdown drives.

Mike Norvell had some excellent play designs, and Jordan Travis was very good, although he is seemingly fighting against some soreness. He also was roughed up again in this game with his right-hand bleeding and seeming to bother him consistently.

The biggest worry in the second half has to be the Seminoles defense holding up, Clemson moved the ball with ease and was very efficient on third down and fourth down going 4-7.

Clemson averaged 6.6 yards per play and was getting explosive plays often (14.6 yards per completion!), allowing them to string together some great drives and apply the pressure on the Seminoles defense.

Halftime stats comparison: Florida State vs. Clemson

Total Yards:

  • Florida State: 156
  • Clemson: 226

Pass Yards:

  • Florida State: 136
  • Clemson: 190

Rush Yards:

  • Florida State: 20
  • Clemson: 36


  • Florida State: 2-15
  • Clemson: 4-40

1st Downs:

  • Florida State: 11
  • Clemson: 12

3rd Downs:

  • Florida State: 3-6
  • Clemson: 3-6

4th Downs:

  • Florida State: 1-1
  • Clemson: 1-1

Total Plays:

  • Florida State: 29
  • Clemson: 36

Avg Yds/Play:

  • Florida State: 5.4
  • Clemson: 6.3

Avg Yds/Completion:

  • Florida State: 11.3
  • Clemson: 14.6

Avg Yds/Rush:

  • Florida State: 1.7
  • Clemson: 2

Sack-Adj Rush Yd (Avg):

  • Florida State: 27 (2.5)
  • Clemson: 41 (2.4)

Red Zone:

  • Florida State: 2-2
  • Clemson: 3-3

Time of Possession:

  • Florida State: 13:58
  • Clemson: 16:02

Turnovers (Def Pts Off):

  • Florida State: 0 (0)
  • Clemson: 0 (0)


  • Florida State: 0-0
  • Clemson: 0-0

Sacks (Def Yds):

  • Florida State: 1 (5)
  • Clemson: 1 (7)

TFL (Def Yds):

  • Florida State: 2 (8)
  • Clemson: 3 (11)