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What went right, what went wrong on offense for FSU vs Clemson

While there were a lot of good plays on offense, it was also ugly

Charles Mays/Tomahawk Nation


What a thriller for Florida State, who snagged a win on the road at Clemson for the first time since 2013 — while there were a lot of good plays on offense, it was also ugly. The run game was terrible, an extension of issues that have plagued FSU, and the offense stalled for most of the second half.

But that ultimately did not matter as Jordan Travis, Keon Coleman, and Johnny Wilson made enough plays to secure the win and end a long losing streak versus the Tigers.

What Went Right

After the slow start on offense, the Seminoles came out and put their foot on the gas pedal. They came out after two scoreless drives with back-to-back 75-yard touchdown drives to end the half.

They also started the second half off the right way with a 45-yard drive that led to a Ryan Fitzgerald 48-yard field goal. Norvell and Travis came out hot and moved the ball well.

Jordan Travis showed great toughness working through a left shoulder injury that happened against Boston College last week and had another injury come up with his right hand during this game.

The offense had been able to move the ball well at times, to end the first half and to start the second half. But they ran into major issues against a talented and well-coached Clemson defense.

In overtime, the Seminoles went to their best player on offense Keon Coleman who made a huge game-winning play.

This catch is exactly why the Seminoles brought Coleman in during the off-season. They needed a playmaker they could go to in gotta-have-it situations in man coverage and Keon has come up huge for the Seminoles.

Keon Coleman is him.

What Went Wrong

In their first two offensive drives of the game, FSU gained 21 total yards and did not get over midfield. The offensive line made some mistakes, the receivers had some miscues and drops and the execution was poor.

If they had executed better on that first drive it could have easily been a scoring drive with how FSU was able to move the ball up and down the field all day. In the first half, they averaged 5.4 yards per play.

As a team they continued to struggle to run the ball, a concerning trend this year. They ran the ball 12 times in the first half and averaged 1.7 yards per attempt.

At the end of the game, the Seminoles finished with 20 rushing attempts for 22 yards which is an average of 1.1 yards per carry. Last season this team was elite in the run game and they have had an awful start, they need to bet much better.

Even with how explosive the passing game has been, they need to establish the run to control the clock and put teams away when they have the lead in the second half of games.

This offensive line unit has been all over the place through 4 games with the run game struggling and having a bad day in pass protection. Even with injuries that unit that has so much experience has just been poor this season.

After the Seminoles opened the second half with a field goal they then had four straight drives that did not go over midfield with three of four being three and outs. But in overtime, they made up for all of their first-half miscues.

Last season we saw the Seminoles' offense stall for long periods of time in all three of their losses. They did the same against Clemson today and that is ultimately what led to the game being so close.