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FSU announces “Seminole Heritage” turquoise game for football

The uniforms won’t be worn this year, but football staff will wear the gear honoring the school’s relationship with the Tribe

Florida State has announced that its October 21, 2023 matchup against the Duke Blue Devils will serve as its first “Seminole Heritage” game on the football field.

Part of Nike’s N7 line (a part of the N7 fund, created to assist Native American and Indigenous communities in establishing athletic spaces), it’s not the first time that an FSU team has worn the turquoise uniforms designed to pay homage to the relationships between different tribes and universities associated with them.

Every year since 2013, when the men’s basketball team debuted the look, a Florida State team has worn the uniform.

From the school:

Florida State makes a distinct departure from its traditional school colors to don turquoise Nike N7 uniforms to stand for the importance of bringing sport and physical activity to Native American and Aboriginal youth.

The color turquoise represents harmony, friendship and fellowship throughout Native American communities and is used in tribute to Florida State University’s special friendship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

While Florida State players won’t be wearing the uniforms during the matchup against Duke (which is also homecoming), football staff on the sideline will be.

The jerseys go on sale on September 9, while the apparel “mirroring” what the staff will be wearing will be released on October 2.

Also from the school:

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Seminole Heritage merchandise will go towards Florida State’s Native American and Indigenous Studies Center to support programs for Indigenous youth at FSU and public education about the Seminole Tribe of Florida.