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FSU vs. Southern Miss: Halftime thoughts and observations

The Seminoles put up a ton of points in the first half versus the Eagles, they were also sloppy at times.

Charles Mays

Tallahassee FL- This was a sloppy half from the Seminoles. Even with the large lead in the game, the Seminoles left opportunities on the field to score points and had some sloppy moments.

Johnny Wilson had a few poorly timed drops that would have kept offensive drives alive and put the ‘Noles in scoring position. He had some concerning plays throughout the half, that is definitely something to watch for the rest of the season.

Jordan Travis and Trey Benson led the way on offense, Travis had another Heisman moment on 4th and 10 gaining 11 yards running around missing defenders left and right.

Keon Coleman had a great stretch at the end of the half, hurdling defenders and catching a touchdown on the next play. He was the best player on the field against LSU and continues to prove just how elite he is.

Defensively this unit struggled against the motion and misdirection that Southern Miss was dialing up with miscommunication leading to chunk plays for the Eagles. The Eagles on the other hand were very sloppy and undisciplined with far too many pre-sap penalties.

But this defense was excellent in tackling and situational football, they went 0-6 on third and fourth down combined. They also had an interception late into the 2nd quarter that set up another easy touchdown for the offense.

The Seminoles were pulling out all the stops and even had an onside kick on their kickoff, that they recovered. While the Seminoles offense had a slow start, once they got rolling there was no stopping them.

Seminoles lead the Eagles 31-3 after the first half.