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Day after discussion: Initial thoughts on 2024 FSU football schedule

The Seminoles go international in the 2024 season.

On Wednesday, the ACC released finalized dates for the 2024 football schedule, officially rounding out the slate for the Florida State Seminoles.

FSU begins play in Ireland against Georgia Tech, its first-ever international matchup, and ends the regular season at home against their rivals from Gainesville, the Florida Gators.

The reigning ACC champions will play seven games at home this year and take trips to Dallas and South Bend in hopes of receiving an invite to the first-ever 12-team College Football Playoff.

With the official release, we had the Tomahawk Nation staff drop their initial thoughts on the slate with five big questions.

Initial thoughts on the 2024 schedule?

Jon Loesche: All things considered it sets up well for the team and fans. The run of September home games should be mitigated by the fact at least two should be night games. Notre Dame is the only road game they'll play in a hostile environment. The Gators will likely be limping into Tallahassee with an interim coach after their murderer’s row November.

Jordan Silversmith: I think the schedule is harder than people think. 10 out of their 12 opponents made bowl games last year, and although they only play four road games inside the U.S., they will probably be underdogs in two of them and be less than a TD favorite against SMU. The games on the schedule should be interesting, but the storylines this season will be fascinating. Mike Norvell, against his former school, DJU, in a revenge game; like Jon mentioned, will Billy Napier be coaching, or has he already coached his final game as the Florida coach? Throw in games in Ireland on a Friday and a Monday, and the schedule provides unique twists and turns.

NoleThruandThru: Surprisingly, I like this schedule for FSU. They didn’t get the absolute cakewalk that Miami got, but I like the spacing of the most challenging opponents and don’t see any glaring issues. The ACC hates FSU right now but also understands that FSU is once again crucial to the visibility and success of the conference, and this schedule is reflective of that.

Perry Kostidakis: Any year before the 12-team, I would have maybe been annoyed about some small details of it, but for right now, I actually like it? The variety of it ensures that FSU will consistently have eyeballs and I like the fact that there is an extra bye due to the Week 0 matchup. My personal favorite “storyline” game, I think, is Memphis coming to Tallahassee.

Matt Minnick: It would be nice to not play at Notre Dame in November, but overall it really is a pretty solid schedule on paper. There’s a lot of fun for fans with road trips to cool locations like Ireland, Dallas, and Chicago. There’s new opponents and multiple rivalry games in Doak (although admittedly, who knows what the Doak experience will be like this season), and there isn’t a single stretch where you say “yikes, that’s rough.” The biggest question for me is will this be our last schedule in the ACC? But that’s a different topic.

Tim: I think it’s a tough schedule. Georgia Tech is on the rise and will be tougher than expected followed by a Boston College team that gives FSU trouble. Memphis and SMU had good seasons, Notre Dame loaded up in the portal, Clemson still has studs, and rivalry games can be toss-ups. Outside of the Louisville Cardinals, the Seminoles pulled the more “difficult” ACC slate of teams.

FrankDNole: I like the fact that we will have 8 home games. Seven at Doak and one at Doak South. Nine if you want to count Ireland, because you know everyone there will be pulling for the Noles.

What is the easiest three game stretch and what is the most challenging three game stretch?

Jon Loesche: Easiest stretch is BC, Memphis, and Cal. All at home against the weakest FBS teams on your schedule. Sets you up to be 4-0 when Clemson comes to town.

Hardest: @ Miami, UNC, @ Notre Dame.

The only two road games FSU will play in front of more than 40,000 fans and a decent ACC squad that sets up for a trap game. This is the stretch that will define the season.

Jordan Silversmith: I think most everyone will agree that the easiest stretch is between BC, Memphis, and Cal, even though Memphis won 10 games last year and BC always plays the Noles tough. The hardest will also be universally agreed upon, @Miami, UNC, @ND, without any byes in between. But an underrated stretch that is not getting enough attention is @SMU, Clemson, Bye, @Duke. SMU will be playing in their first home game as a member of the ACC and won 11 games last season while taking double-digit players in the portal who played at Power 5 teams. Clemson, meanwhile, should build off its success last season and boasts probably the best front 7 in the ACC, if not the top 2 with Miami. Finally, Duke on a Friday night before Miami feels like a drowsy trap game. I am not saying I would predict FSU to lose any of these games right now, but this stretch is not getting enough air time.

NoleThruandThru: I agree with the BC-Memphis-Cal stretch as the easiest, though I don’t think any of those three teams should be overlooked. Castellanos is a dangerous QB and Memphis’ familiarity with Norvell could cause some headaches.

I’ll also agree with Jordan on both tough stretches. That SMU game worries me and ideally it wouldn’t have come before Clemson. It has trap game written all over it. UNC and Duke should both take steps backwards this season, and neither have traditionally been problems for Norvell.

Perry: The Georgia Tech-Boston College-Memphis stretch is worrisome if only because of the back-and-forth nature of it, but I’m in agreement that the Miami-UNC-Notre Dame stretch seems like it could be the most challenging.

….is it a hot take to say that Cal-SMU-Clemson might be the easiest?

Matt Minnick: Just to say something a little different, I’ll say the easiest 3 week stretch (as opposed to 3 game stretch) is at the end with a bye, Charleston Southern, and then UF. Chuck South is only game on the schedule that is a true .99 or 1.0 win expectancy and UF will be so battered down and maybe even coachless by the time they come to town, I expect a comfortable win there. So for a team looking to make a return trip to the ACC Championship Game, that’s a really nice three week stretch to get healthy and give some younger guys some reps.

For the hardest stretch, I’ll zig where others have zagged and say Cal, at SMU, followed by Clemson. Cal was a solid ball club last year, beating Washington State, smashing UCLA, and losing a 1 point game to USC. On top of that, it’s a totally new scout for our coaches and players, and a game that will be easy to have a bit of a mental let down given it comes right after playing Coach’s former squad. SMU is just flat out good, and traveling to a fired up stadium in a new location always comes with hazards. And Clemson is arguably the most talented opponent we will face all season, plus the Tigers will be searching for payback.

FrankDNole: I think Miami, UNC, Notre Dame will be the hardest. Memphis, Cal, SMU, will be the easiest. The latter two teams will learn what big boy football is all about.

Would you rather one of FSU’s three byes placed in a different spot?

Jon Loesche: First bye is fine. Having the extra two days for BC mitigates any concerns about travel fatigue from Ireland.

Pros and cons with the other two byes being after Clemson and Notre Dame. Clemson has Stanford the week before and Notre Dame appears to still be searching for an opponent on 11/2 so I'm fine with it.

Jordan Silversmith: I am going to disagree with Jon a bit here; I would have rather the bye come right after the Ireland game in week 1. The extra couple of days rest should mitigate any jet lag, but the ‘Noles are flying back Monday and will participate in a much different practice schedule than usual. Notre Dame did not have a bye after their game in Ireland last year but got an FCS opponent at home. This will be the Seminole’s second conference game in the first two weeks, and they cannot afford any missteps in the wide-open 17-team conference. Besides the opening bye, I would have liked a bye either before Miami or Notre Dame just to get everyone healthy, but I think they will split the season in two four-game increments and game plan snap share from there.

NoleThruandThru: I have no issue with the bye placements. I’d prefer having byes after Clemson and Notre Dame instead of before, because the post-Clemson bye allows you to heal from what will be an extremely physical contest, and the post-ND bye allows you to heal up for the crucial game against UF and an ACC Championship game.

Matt Minnick: Jordan’s right, a bye after Ireland would be great, but unfortunately that was never going to be a realistic option. The one I would really have liked would have been a bye before ND, but at least we got a home game the week before.

Perry: What Matt and Jordan said, basically.

FrankDNole: I don’t like where any of the byes are. The first bye should have been before Clemson, the second should have been before Miami (Fl), and the third before Notre Dame.

Which new ACC opponent are you most looking forward to seeing take the field against the Seminoles?

Jon Loesche: None of the former AAC teams that jumped to the Big XII last year finished with a winning record so I don’t expect much from SMU but it’ll be a different road trip than what Seminole fans are used to.

Jordan Silversmith: SMU should be stronger than people realize and return QB Preston Stone, who will be in his fourth year with the program, which is almost unheard of these days. Mike Norvell gets two homecoming games, as he is from Irving, TX, which sits 20 miles outside of Dallas. I am not looking forward to a Cal team taking a cross-country trip to Tallahassee on a three-hour time change, but hopefully, the game is more interesting than it looks on paper.

NoleThruandThru: All three additions are stupid but SMU is the least stupid, so I guess I’ll say them.

Matt Minnick: SMU, not because of the team but because I’m looking forward to traveling out to DFW for a fun road trip with friends. Also of note, both SMU and Cal will be first time opponents for the ‘Noles, so that’s cool if you’re someone who’s into program history.

Perry: Dallas was a fantastic trip in 2014 when FSU played Oklahoma State so that’s a selfish one, and it will be admittedly funny to give a “welcome to the ACC” beatdown to SMU after that fanbase randomly popped off when the lawsuit dropped.

FrankDNole: Georgia Tech in the old country.

And finally, what is your way-way too-early record prediction for the regular season?

Jon Loesche: Feeling bullish so I’ll go with 10-2 and another trip to Charlotte.

Jordan Silversmith: I’ll go 10-2 with losses to 2 out of Notre Dame, Clemson, or Miami. I cannot predict a trip to Charlotte given the cupcake schedule Miami has and UL, but it would not surprise me if they are rated higher than they should be, as that happens every year.

NoleThruandThru: It will all depend on how quickly the incoming transfers get up to speed and of course health. 9-3 seems like a sweet spot, with 10-2 more likely than 8-4.

Perry: I’m at 10-2 (Notre Dame, and for some weird gut feeling at the moment UNC), with 11-1 more likely than 9-3 more likely than 8-4.

Matt Minnick: Back of the envelope win-shares gave me 8.65, so I’ll say 9-3.

Tim: I am in the 9-3 camp. Notre Dame, Clemson, Miami and the field set you up for three tough games and a potential upset along the way.

FrankDNole: I predicted 12-0 and an ACC Championship last year, and there is no reason why this Norvell fella and his Noles won’t do it again.

2024 Florida State Seminoles football schedule

  • Aug. 24: vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
  • Sep. 2 (Monday): vs. Boston College Eagles, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL
  • Sep. 14: vs. Memphis Tigers, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL
  • Sep. 21: vs. Cal Golden Bears, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL
  • Sep. 28: at SMU Mustangs, Gerald J. Ford Stadium, Dallas, TX
  • Oct. 5: vs. Clemson Tigers, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL
  • Oct. 18 (Friday): at Duke Blue Devils, Wallace Wade Stadium, Durham, NC
  • Oct. 26: at Miami (FL) Hurricanes, Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL
  • Nov. 2: vs. North Carolina Tar Heels, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL
  • Nov. 9: at Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, IN
  • Nov. 23: vs. Charleston Southern Buccaneers, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL
  • Nov. 30: vs. Florida Gators, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL