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Sunday Seminole Memories: 2013 Season Revisted

Tomahawk Nation readers share memories of the 2013 National Championship season

BCS National Championship - Florida State v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Now that the football games that are played on the field have finished, and as we wait to see how the football games being played out in court are debated, we thought it might be fun for the Tomahawk Nation readers to share their memories from that magical 2013 season, to help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Florida State’s third national championship.

If any of our readers have a memory or story from the 2013 season, or the 2013 National Championship Game, that they would like to have published here on TN, please email it to

You do not have to be registered on Tomahawk Nation (although it would be nice if you joined) to participate. All Nole fans are welcome to contribute and if I can help you put something together, I will do my best.

We are looking for memories of games you may have attended that season, home or away, or if you went to the Rose Bowl for the NC game, or any other interesting (at least to you) tidbit you want to share here.

Instead of posting your memories in the comments, if you email them to me I can arrange them to post another feature story.


My wife and I were on a road trip visiting family in Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, and New York. We were driving from Cleveland to Princeton, New Jersey and we just happened to be passing through Pittsburgh the day before the Noles were playing. On a whim, we got a hotel and bought tickets for the game.

We went to the FSU tailgate at a bar close to the stadium. The warchant was blasting, a perfect way to get pumped up for another year of football.

When we got to the stadium and found our seats in the lower level, we had a group of Pitt fans behind us. They saw our FSU gear and immediately started trash talking (No problem, I am always up for some friendly banter). I was nervous because, even though the Noles had a good season in 2012, it’s hard to predict how a team will perform in week one. I also wasn’t sure how the young kid at QB would handle his first college game — in a road night game, to boot.

Let’s just say the trash talking from the Pitt fans didn’t last long. I was left in awe by the performances of Jameis and the rest of the Noles. I remember friends texting me the next day asking if it looked as good in person as it did on TV. I hadn’t seen the TV broadcast, but I told them it had to be better. What a debut that was!

I ended up going to five of the seven home games and the Rose Bowl. We had seats in the end zone in Pasadena, which gave us a peefect view of Kermit’s kick return. The way the running lane opened up was like the football version of Moses parting the Red Sea; I knew when he got by the first defender that he was gone. Nobody (well, except Karlos Williams) was going to catch him!

I remember walking through LAX the next day proudly wearing a garnet FSU shirt and greeting everyone I saw in their FSU garb with a “Go Noles!” It was the perfect ending to a perfect season. (and no damn committee could rob us of our well deserved opportunity to play for a title)

Thanks for letting me take this walk down memory lane, TN.


I went to the national championship game and I remember the party bus from San Diego to the game sponsored by San Diego Booster Club. What a great group of people.

Memories from the game are the terribly long faced, bitter, sore losers wearing ORANGE after the game and on the airplane the next day. Why does wearing ORANGE cause folks to act like this?


Not much of a story, but after we won the Orange Bowl with EJ I told my uncle that with the team coming back and if Jameis became the QB everyone within the program was saying he could be, we could win the national championship. He bet me his $200 to my $10 it wouldn’t happen.

Best $200 I’ve ever won.


I don’t have a story but my wife went to Auburn. Let’s just say not a word was spoken during that game. I was pissed in the first half, she was pissed and watched the second half upstairs. LOL

Perry Kostidakis

I am asserting my privilege here and inserting my own memory, but just because I love telling the story.

For the first half of the game, I spent it both trying to understand why FSU was not crushing Auburn (hidden yardage and stolen signals are the answer) and arguing with friends from my hometown who were looking to troll nonstop

When things started to take a turn for the better, I started to get more in my element — and believe or not, half-called the fake punt:

I went down with five minutes left in the game because I wanted to watch the rest from the field — the problem was right when I left was when Kermit Whitfield started his miracle kickoff return and when I started to run, I accidentally left my credential. So rather than believing that the 19-year-old in a suit was media, the kind security guard told me that my only option was to sit in the front row, which, sure.

I was sat next to an old woman, who interpreted my nervous hand rubbing as praying so she asked me to keep doing that and “pray to whichever God,” and joined me.

Next play, Winston hits Benjamin and the rest is history (though admit it, you too were also mildly worried about Auburn pulling off a weird lateral at the end.)

As somebody who has dreamed of covering the sport since I was 8 and realized I didn’t have the required height or athletic talent to play it past the next few years, the game wasn’t just an exciting moment as a fan. It will always stick with me as the first major way I got to live out my sports journalism dreams.

And for your viewing pleasure, some of my postgame reactions:

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