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“I want to win a national championship:” Day two of newcomer interviews discuss aspirations, positional versatility, and Tour of Duty

BJ Gibson, Jalen Brown, Grady Kelly, and Tomiwa Durojaiye talk to the press Thursday morning

On Tuesday, four newcomers with different backgrounds and journeys met with the Florida State media for the first time. They each cycled back to the same idea.

“I want to win a national championship.”

Each player understood the expectations of continuing their playing career at FSU and what needed to be done to reach those aspirations.

BJ Gibson opened the day and discussed the loyalty he displayed in his recruitment after not taking another visit after committing to the Seminoles in April.

“Florida State was the most on me. That relationship with Coach Dugans and Coach Norvell.”

Following the early enrollee, redshirt freshman Jalen Brown, fresh off purchasing a new car, according to his Instagram, mentioned the impact that the great LSU WRs had on his game.

“I took a lot from Malik and Brian. Malik helped with my route running. Brian helped me high-pointing the ball. Just little tweaks that helped me with my game.”

After Jalen Brown finished up, the first of two defensive linemen met with the media. Grady Kelly's opening statements about his journey to Tallahassee exuded leadership and confidence.

“Coming out of high school, a lot of people have expectations of where they are going. I got blessed to go play at CSU. My development up there prepared me and got me bigger, stronger, faster...Getting up here now, I’m excited.”

Tomiwa Durojaiye rounded out the day and made it explicitly clear he would play defensive end in the upcoming season.

“I’ll probably be playing defensive end, so Coach JP will be my primary coach. But, I will be working with Coach Odell...those two can set me up for things that I couldn’t even imagine.”

The complete availabilities can be seen below.

WR BJ Gibson

WR Jalen Brown

DL Grady Kelly

DL Tomiwa Durojaiye