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Day 5 of newcomer interviews: Early enrollees speak on Seminoles brotherhood, choosing FSU, and more

Timir Hickman-Collins, Landen Thomas, and Luke Kromenhoek opened up to the media for the first time

Bonds and brotherhood.

All three interviews today took place with incoming freshmen, and they mentioned that these were the deciding factors between FSU and everywhere else. The relationships built between the early enrollees are evident, and LB Timir-Hickman Collins spoke about them at length.

“We hang out every day,” Hickman-Collins said of the Tribe ‘24 class. We’ll probably hang out after Tour of Duty or just on a regular day in the cafeteria. I feel like we all talk to each other every single day. We have study hall together. We are around each other 24/7, so it’s a great thing to have.”

His freshman-year counterpart, tight end Landen Thomas, spoke next and highlighted his bond with TE coach Chris Thomsen.

“Coach Thomsen is one of the first people to give me an offer. That connection built over the years. That’s my man and he’s a really great person to be built around.”

Luke Kromenhoek followed his teammate from South Georgia and displayed trademark quarterback professionalism. He said he learned this quality and others from QB coach Tony Tokarz.

“Coach Tokarz was one of the main reasons I chose Florida State. His family has taken me in like their family. He’s a great dude, he’s a family man...he’s the type of dude I want to model myself after.”

The full media availability can be seen below.

LB Timir Hickman-Collins

TE Landen Thomas

QB Luke Kromenhoek