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Florida State players speak after loss to Notre Dame

Hear from La’Damian Webb, Jordan Travis and Amari Gainer

Notre Dame Athletics

Running back La’Damian Webb

“I think we did decent but not good enough to win. There are a lot of things we could have done better...We didn’t finish like we should have.”

Of course we are disappointed, but we are just going to keep working. I feel like we got better as a unit.”

“There are some things that we have to work on, we hurt ourselves.”

“I think our O-line played a lot better, they played as a unit. There are some things we still have to work on, but they are getting better day by day.”

On Jordan Travis

“He played outstanding, he did a lot with his feet, threw the ball well. I think he played at the level coach Norvell expected him to.”

Linebacker Amari Gainer

“We just got to keep running to the ball and play physical. We just have to get better each day in practice.”

“I am a little bit more optimistic about this game [than 2018 trip to Notre Dame] because I do think we showed some fight and some grit. Close isn’t close enough so we gotta pick it up.”

“I thought we played with some physicality and some effort, but it wasn’t enough so we just gotta do better.”

On late goal line stand

“We showed fight at the end. We can take away that we didn’t give up.”

Quarterback Jordan Travis

“There is always room for improvement. We’ve just got to get to work this week and get better. We just have to go out every single game and play football. We’ve got to correct our own mistakes once again. It’s the little things that matter and we’ve got to get back to work. I’m learning that I have to get down and protect myself. I have to do a lot better because there were hits that were unnecessary today that I didn’t have to take and I could have gotten down and I have to work on that.

“We should have these expectations, we should be winning. We are a good team. There are little things that matter over and over, we make little mistakes that matter so much and it cost us a couple of touchdowns today. Starting from me – there are mistakes that I made that need to be corrected.”

“There were a lot of mistakes that we had. There is always room for improvement.”

“That gave us a lot of confidence for sure. We just have to correct the little mistakes, it’s the little mistakes that matter.”

On his own play

“I did alright. There’s a lot of room for improvement once again; I made mistakes that I have to correct and we are going to get back to work this week and try to correct them and see how this week goes.”

On Tamorrion Terry

“He had a great game today. He made plays every single time I put it up to him.”

On his health

(Travis left game at end and was replaced by James Blackman)

“My hand is doing good.”

“We should be winning, we are a good team. We make little mistakes that matter so much, that cost us the game today. Starting with me.”

“[Webb] played his butt off. He worked really hard for every single yard.”

“Our mindset was just to keep going. We are not giving up.”

On resiliency

“We learned from the Miami week. We are learning every week, we are growing.”