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Florida State football, recruiting news: North Carolina comes to Tallahassee

FSU opens up as a single digit underdog vs. the top ten tarheels

Don Juan Moore


Florida State is a significant but not a huge underdog vs. North Carolina.

It will be the third primetime match-up of the season.

When you average almost six yards per play vs. Notre Dame your offense did something right.

When you give up over eight yards per play on defense you almost certainly did a bunch of things wrong.

Mike Norvell isn’t into moral victories but he’s ready to build on what he saw on Saturday night.

The bad news is that UNC just ran for 399 yards vs. Virginia Tech; the good news is that they can’t really stop anyone either.

Tamorrion Terry had his best game of the season; things are looking up for FSU’s best wideout:


Marvin Jones, Jr. is one of many 2022 legacy recruits that FSU has to get in the fold:

I do not expect Malik McClain to remain a three-star recruit when this cycle is finished:

Other Sports:

You don’t win ACC Championships by skipping leg day:

Devin Vassell on the Warriors would be a great fit:


Devonta Freeman scored his first touchdown of the season:

Dalvin Cook had the juice going early before leaving the game with a groin injury: