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Mike Norvell speaks after Florida State’s program-building win over North Carolina

Norvell picks up first signature win at Florida State.

Don Juan Moore

Florida State Seminoles football picked up their first signature win under Mike Norvell as they defeated no.5 North Carolina by a score of 31-28 tonight. Tonight’s game showed a lot of what Norvell has been looking for out of this team: consistent effort, toughness, and response. Putting those three things together helped FSU gut out a last-second win over the Tarheels. Here’s what Norvell had to say after the win.

On his team’s performance: “These kids have done a great job in believing in what we’ve asked them to do. They go to work everyday and just try to improve... So proud of this football team and everything they accomplished tonight.”

On the play of the special teams: “I thought two blocked punts set the standard of how we wanted to play.”

On the feeling of taking home this win: “Really no words for It. It’s so special. It’s been every moment, we’ve tried to grow and improve and believing in what was coming.”

On the ability to close out the game: “These guys finished. That’s something that’s so critical. We want to be known as a group of finishers.”

On the defense and the unavailable players: “I thought the defense responded incredibly. The number of guys that weren’t available tonight, that was hard. That is a dang good offense we just faced. Our guys just continued to rise to the challenge.”

On how the defense responded to big plays: “They were ready for the next one. You could see it in their body language. They finished the job.”

On Jordan Travis: “I think Jordan is an incredible competitor. He made some incredible plays. He led this offense. There’s a great deal of confidence in what he does. He is a warrior.”

“Whatever it takes. We need 60 minutes of having each other’s backs.”