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Florida State players speak after loss to Louisville

‘Noles handed second 30+ point loss of the season.

Don Juan Moore

Florida State football once again fell in blowout fashion as Louisville handed the Seminoles a 48-16 loss this afternoon. FSU is now 2-4 going into a bye week. The ‘Noles were set back by some of the mistakes they’ve seen all year, as the penalties, dropped passes, and missed tackles popped up again.

Here’s what some of FSU’s players had to say about the loss:

Jordan Travis

On what went wrong today: “It’s all us. We made a lot of mistakes today. We have two weeks to get back to work and get better, and that’s what we have to do.”

On his health status: “Nothing feels worse than losing, so I’m not worried about my health right now. I have two weeks to get healthy.”

“Consistency is the biggest thing. We just weren’t consistent. We have to come up and make plays as a team.”

On how the offense adjusts: “We just got to get better. Just have to be more consistent. Starting with me. We have to work on our confidence, we lost it throughout the game.”

On the future: “There’s room for improvement in every single thing we do.”

On how they move forward, big picture: “We lost a game, we can’t do anything to go back and change it. We have to get better. It’s about leadership, guys have to step up and get right back to work.”

Emmett Rice

On Louisville’s big plays: “We just wasn’t doing our jobs. Like 8 of the whole 11 would do their jobs, and the big play would happen. If all 11 did their jobs, those big plays wouldn’t happen.”

On the week of preparation: “I feel like we were locked in, but it could’ve been 10x better.”

On playing as a unit on defense: “I feel like the guys understand what they’re supposed to do, it’s just not being selfish and not going outside the defense. You can’t be out there free styling.”