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Florida State players speak on momentum-building win

Jordan Travis, Joshua Kaindoh and more talk about FSU beats Jacksonville State

Don Juan Moore

Florida State Seminoles football earned its first win of the season after rallying from a 14-point deficit on the way to 41-24 win.

Below are some quotes from players who spoke after — we’ll post the full videos as soon as they’re available.

Jordan Travis

“That was a great feeling for sure. My main goal is to get better throwing the ball so I just got to keep working and getting better.”

“I’m just out there trying to have fun.”

“Running wise, a little bit, my knee was pretty banged up, but I feel good now and am ready to get going next week.”

Completion to Keyshawn Helton: “That gave me a lot of confidence for sure. It was definitely a great feeling.”

“Terry’s a great player, we just have to keep getting him the ball and let him do what he does.”

Devontay Love-Taylor

“We wanted to finish blocks and impose our will. I thought we showed that today.”

“It felt good, but not good enough. We can’t be satisfied with just one win.”

Lawrance Toafili

“We were all just picking each other up and encouraging each other to do our best.”

“The sky’s the limit. We can build off each other. We all just fit well together.”

Asante Samuel Jr.

“It gave the defense tremendous juice to see them go out there and execute.”

“We just had to settle down and see how they were trying to attack us.”

Keyshawn Helton

On Jordan: “He’s electric. He’s been doing that week in and week out for us.”

Joshua Kaindoh

“I felt pretty good. To me, it was a big step to finish a game for the first time in like a year.”

“Definitely feel like we could’ve played better, we wanted to start a lot better.”

“We have some fight, we have some pride, that will take us a long way.”