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FSU fan gets tattoo of Mike Norvell after UNC win

Well, nobody can ever say he’s not a man of his word


It was the sign seen round the ACC, as Florida State Seminoles football secured its first top-five upset since 2007, when it took down the Matt Ryan-led Boston College Eagles.

A young FSU fan named Jack Henyecz was seen proudly waving the poster board bearing the words above, accompanied by a picture of Seminoles head coach Mike Norvell during his playing days in Central Arkansas, rocking braids (he got the hairstyle as a deal with a youth team he was coaching.)

Three weeks later, the grinning Norvell now has a new home on Henyecz’s thigh.

Norvell himself responded to the work of art, appropriately taking the time to recognize the ridiculousness:

He’s used the picture as an example of being smart within your actions multiple times.

“Little did I know, when I’d be standing on the stage on (College) GameDay 20-something years later, that’s what I’d be talking about and little did I know that when I got the opportunity to be the head coach at Florida State, that would be the picture that’s associated with my past,” Norvell said on Golic and Wingo last year.

“So I tell our guys, ‘Understand, social media, it’ll come back to get ya.’”

Tomahawk Nation has reached out to Henyecz, but have yet to hear back.