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The Triple Option: Let’s get weird

A brand new video series, featuring your favorite football minds — and Trey Rowland

Don Juan Moore

This week, there was a minor sense of joy around Florida State Seminoles football for the first time since Monday, Sept. 3, 2018 at 7:59 p.m. — so we figured it was the perfect time to debut our new video series The Triple Option, featuring Trey Rowland, Kevin Little (XsandNoles) and CoachAB.

The trio will try to navigate through idiocy to give you the best, most entertaining look at all aspects of FSU football, complete with scheme talk led by Kevin and Coach and wrestling references and beautiful mustache shots of Trey.

Sit back while Trey quarterbacks this fantastic new video series. Trey will be riding and deciding whether to handoff to his big fullback Coach AB to discuss FSU’s new offensive scheme. Maybe “The Stache” will throw it deep to Kevin to take a look at Adam Fuller’s man coverage scheme. No matter where the ball goes Trey and the boys have you covered. Sit back and enjoy the best scheme analysis around