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UPDATE: Bobby Bowden back home after battle with coronavirus

The legendary Florida State Seminoles coach has battled a variety of health issues this year


After a battle with COVID-19 that lasted a week, legendary former Florida State Seminoles football head coach Bobby Bowden has tested negative and is home.

The news was reported by Jim Henry of the Tallahassee Democrat, who has been on top of all developments in Bowden’s bout with the disease.

“I am sure (God) answered a prayer,” Bowden said to the Democrat yesterday. ”I do feel better. I am doing good. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts, I really do.”

As first reported to Jim Henry of the Tallahassee Democrat, legendary former Florida State Seminoles football head coach Bobby Bowden has tested positive for COVID-19.

“I don’t feel bad, yet,” Bowden said to the Democrat. “I guess I can loaf around the rest of the week. I just have to keep an eye out for (symptoms).”

“Coach Bobby Bowden, 90, has tested positive for COVID-19,” Henry tweeted Monday. “Just talked to coach and OK’d me to share. Says he feels good, and sounds good. Getting retested today. Tested positive following recent release from hospital for leg infection. Look for my story.”

“I was in the hospital for two weeks and I think I came in contact with a nurse who had it, and I guess that’s where it sort of originated,” Bowden told the Orlando Sentinel on Monday afternoon. “As of right now, I’ve been exposed a week and I don’t feel hardly any different. I don’t really have any symptoms except I’m feeling a little lazy.”

In late April, Henry reported that Bowden had been in the hospital following a leg infection that reportedly caused his left calf to double in size.

“We’re thinking about coach and praying he has a quick and speedy recovery,” Seminoles head coach Mike Norvell, who himself battled the virus last month, said Monday. “Not only one of greatest coaches to ever coach the game, but such an incredible man. A special human being. I’m honored for the honor to know him and have that relationship.”Late last month, the coach had to head back to the hospital for additional treatment.

“I didn’t realize when I got to be 90 it would be this tough,” he said to the Democrat in April. “Getting old ain’t easy.”


According to Rick Karla of WVTM, Bowden has been hospitalized after testing positive again.