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Florida State practice notebook: October 6

We’ll be hearing from the Seminoles offense today

Don Juan Moore

Update, 11:50 a.m.

Florida State Seminoles head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media Tuesday, taking the time to address a few injured playeres as well as offering some thoughts on why the defense has featured so many different rotations.

We’ve got to get more consistent, continue to push…We’ve got to get our pad level up. We’ve got to continue to establish that mindset, and that is something that has not been consistent enough yet.”

He also says that a partial reason the team has seen so many personnel on the defensive side is that “nobody has taken the lead” on securing the spot.

“There is some give and take. We’ve had some things communication-wise and alignment-wise. Quite frankly, we’ve seen some things effort-wise where we haven’t been able to take away the throws underneath.”

Receiver Ontaria Wilson, running back Lawrance Toafili, quarterback Jordan Travis and offensive lineman Robert Scott all spoke as well Tuesday, each hitting on what they’ve seen this week and also, each taking the time to give accolades to teammates.

Wilson spoke a bit on receiver blocking, saying “This week we really focused on blocking through the whistle, so that’s what we practiced, and it carried over to the game.” He gave accolades to Tamorrion Terry for his efforts when he didn’t have the ball in his hands, as well as laughed recalling the play where Terry kept him in bounds (“it happened so fast.”)

“That’s the greatest thing you can see, that’s just great effort and teamwork.” Toafili said.

As for himself? “I just do whatever is asked, whatever I can do to contribute and help the team win, I’ll do it.”

Travis isn’t changing anything heading into the Notre Dame game, saying he’s still approaching the week with the mindset of one percent better.

“They are a really good defense. We just have to go out and focus on ourselves not on them.”

He also spoke on the bond that the quarterback room has developed, given that each of them have had their ups and downs while at Florida State. Travis said knowing that “your boys” will be there on the sideline, regardless of a good play or bad play, is a great comfort. He got the chance to expand on that a bit with his relationship with James Blackman:

“Honestly James has been someone I have looked up to [as far back as Louisville]. I love how he plays his game, he has so much passion.”

“We’re boys. I love him, that’s my guy. We’re just trying to push each other go get better every single day.”

Finally, Scott spoke on the opportunity he had to start, saying he didn’t fully process it until the team was doing walkthroughs before the game.

“I was up first — I was like ‘I guess I’m starting.’”

“It was nerve-wracking, but exciting though. Playing the whole time it was a lot different from high school. My teammates were awesome helping me through making sure I knew what I was doing.”

Florida State Seminoles football is back out on the practice field today, gearing up to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a primetime matchup on Saturday.

Yesterday, we spoke with head coach Mike Norvell, as well as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Kenny Dillingham, defensive coordinator Adam Fuller and special teams coordinator and defensive ends coach John Papuchis.

Each spoke on the varying impressions they got from the game — Norvell talked about the team realizing its success, Dillingham on what he’s seen from Jordan Travis, Fuller on the “somebody needs to earn a spot” mentality and Papuchis on the effort that the special teams units have shown through three games.

“Anytime you’re able to see the work and investment, while also having to respond to adversity, I think seeing the guys in the locker room after the game, they have embraced the challenge,” Norvell said.

“I want guys to play with unbelievable passion. I want coaches to coach with unbelievable passion.”

Today, we’ll be hearing from Norvell, as well as offensive players and coaches. You can follow along both in the comment section and on our Twitter, and in the meantime, drop any questions you have in the comments and we’ll try to get to them.