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Staff Predictions: FSU vs. NC State

A bleak outlook from the TN staff.

NC State at Florida State

Evan Johnson:

Does it matter what the score is? FSU will almost assuredly lose this game and by quite a bit. That’s not because NC State is a great team but rather that FSU is a terrible one.

However, that doesn’t mean the game is one you should just avoid (that’s next week). One of the best (only?) things about FSU’s position is that the fans get to see the future. I suggest focusing on that.

Do we see improvement from last week? Is there something in some of these kids that lead you to believe there’s a better tomorrow? If not, I’m sure Norvell and Co will move on from that player as soon as they can.

NC State 35, FSU 17


I have to say, the staff picks would’ve looked a lot different last week had we known Pickett was going to be playing for Pitt. I’m done picking FSU victories for this season. The QB Revenge Tour of 2020 continues with what will surely be a big day for Bailey Hockman. I will say this- though I’m not expecting any more notches in the wins column this season, I’m really looking forward to seeing more young guys earn meaningful experience and reps. It’s time to see what these young bucks have. I fully believe that what is painful now will pay off later for this program. That said.... I HATE losing to NC State.

Wolfpack 38, Seminoles 17


There is a football game this weekend?

Seriously, welcome to preseason football 2020. The Florida State football team have entered the exhibition season where they play all freshman and sophomores and figure out what they’ve got moving forward. Chubba Purdy’s first start on the road is a bumpy one but he shows improvement as the game goes on. The FSU defense just can’t make enough to plays the win the game.

Pack 31, FSU 17

Frank DeNole:

Now that some of the issues, except the lack of talent issue caused by the former staffs, have been corrected, this team is poised to take the next step in getting back to being a Top 10 team.

This will be an excellent warm up game for our players in preparation for their next matchup against Clemson, with the potential to win both the ACC Atlantic and the ACC Conference Championship on the line by beating the Tigers twice this season and thus getting FSU into a better bowl matchup to end the season.

But I don’t want to look too far ahead, the dominoes the Wolfies have been stacking this year are going to come crashing down hard like a house of cards. King me. Check mate.

THE Florida State University 45, NC State Packers 24

Juan Montalvo:

FSU is not a good football team. NC State is a better one, which is sad. Far better FSU teams than this one have struggled in Carter Finley at night (2012), and I see no reason why this will be any different.

Fighting Doerens 38, Flightless Fightless Florida Fellows 13


I think the effort will be better than the score. This defense is decent at run fits, but they’ll be staked to poor field position numerous times.

The offense is hamstrung by these set of receivers. I love Webb’s effort, but without a passing threat NCSU’s defense will smother.

Long, long day for the conference’s worst team.

NCSU 33, FSU 7

Austin Cox:

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I like NC State early and often this evening in Raleigh. This one will sadly resemble the 2018 game. Here’s an obvious subplot: can freshman quarterback Chubba Purdy have a strong game if he receives meaningful snaps?

What young players could emerge? Either way, this week it won’t be enough.

North Carolina State 41, Florida State 24

Jon Marchant:

Not gonna predict this team to make significant leaps forward right now.

NC State 37 - 24 FSU

Matt Minnick:

Does the score even matter? At this point, the focus has shifted to building a foundation for the future. Purge and practice is what’s needed now. The good news is, we are less than two weeks from hoops season. Tobacco Road has been warned.

NC State by 17+

Kevin Little:

It’s another round of revenge of the ex-FSU quarterbacks. Bailey Hockman is good enough to embarrass FSU’s defense and I’m not sure the offense has much figured out right now.

Today might be a long day but there is still hope that a mental switch goes off and we get the team that played UNC again.

One can dream.

NCSU 31 - FSU 17

Perry Kostidakis:

I’m going to have to be the only one to pick FSU so we don’t get meme’d (other than Frank, who doesn’t know what year it is), aren’t I?

I actually, based on the previews that some of the fine gentlemen above have participated in this week, have started leaning towards being more confident of there being the chance of this being a blowout (a hot take, I know.) I think that the advanced analytics show that FSU has a shot to exploit the fact NC State is boom or bust — the key is, they have to actually do it. Will FSU, seven games into the season, buck the trend and execute consistently? We’ve seen (in some games) the Seminoles find success on first and second down, only to crumble on third and long — the situation you normally would want your opponent to be in. If this is the game that Florida State can start to put it together, FSU can stay in it.

Do I have confidence in a newly-discovered pass rush manifesting itself out of nothing? Am I 100 percent on FSU’s ability to find their own success in the pass game, given the receiving unit’s struggles this year? No, but I do have faith that in the 2020 college football season, nothing matters and nothing is to be learned from week to week.

This Saturday is a big test for Norvell’s squad — not necessarily on the scoreboard, but for the seeds of the program that he’s hoping to plant. Four big names are gone for the rest of the season (three of the most recognizable over the last four years, two leaving on their own accord) during a year that’s already seen so much up and down. Can they maintain themselves if the game gets out of reach?

Let’s hope that 2020 weirdness kicks in and that question doesn’t have to be answered.

FSU 34, NC State 27