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Mike Norvell speaks after NC State loss

Norvell talks QB management, life shown late in game.

Florida State football is now 2-6 after a 38-22 loss to NC State. The Seminoles showed late life, but didn’t do enough early to make it much of a competitive game. FSU had an extremely young team in Raleigh, and young mistakes early cost them. Norvell still believes in his players and the work they’re putting in, despite the results. Here’s what Norvell had to say after the loss:

On the confidence in his team: “I believe in these guys. I see some guys who are growing up and see some leadership emerging from within our team.”

On playing Tate Rodemaker: “We knew that we were going to get Tate in around the fourth drive. That was our plan throughout the course of the week.”

On Chubba Purdy: “Chubba, you can see the confidence he has, continuing to grow with each rep. There’s still some things that happen that he would like to have back, but he’s going to continue to grow.”

“With every opportunity that he gets, it’s critical for his development. I’m very excited about who he is and what his future is. The demeanor he has is incredible. Doesn’t seem to get rattled, or too high or too low in any moment.”

On the veterans of the team: “We got a lot of older guys that are really improving at a very high level. I’m proud of their leadership.”

On Hamsah Nasirildeen: “It was great to see Hamsah out there tonight. He was on a limited play count. It was a great joy to see him run out on that field.”

On the running back room: “We had some things that showed up this week. A couple guys that got sick and weren’t able to practice. Jashaun Corbin has done a remarkable job. That is one of those leaders that is starting to emerge.” Also said La’Damian Webb was limited and Lawrance Toafili was unavailable.

On the effort of his team: “The guys that are in that locker room, they compete. They were competing through the very end of that contest. It’s an emotional game, it takes everything. There are guys who are doing an incredible job of investing. They are continuing to work and compete.”

On the growing pains, experience for younger guys: “There are going to be some experiences that those guys face that are challenging. You got to grow and own the mistakes. You should have confidence within the investment of the work.”