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Jarvis Brownlee, Emmett Rice speak after loss to NC State

“I believe in the process. I believe in our coaches.”

Florida State was handed their third straight double-digit loss as NC State took them down by a score of 38-22 tonight. FSU is now 2-6 on the season, with Clemson up next. The Seminoles were extremely young on both sides of the ball tonight, and showed some of their talent and energy early, but the mistakes early on were too much to overcome. Here’s what a couple of FSU defenders had to say after the loss:

Jarvis Brownlee

On big plays in the passing game early: “A lot of miscommunication and missed assignments. That’s something we have to work on throughout the week. We’re going to get better.”

On his acrobatic interception: “Actually I was just playing ball, playing hard with effort. I felt it between my legs and just kept playing through. I was just excited, that’s the first time I’ve ever did something like that in my career.”

On the team’s level of effort: “I feel like the effort was there the whole game. It’s not just all about effort. You have to know your assignment. Effort should just always come with you if you’re a dog. We just got to know our alignment and assignment.”

On what he takes away from tonight’s game: “The team showed me a lot tonight, even though we was down. They still fought, they still showed effort. They showed that they love the game and love each other.”

On his confidence in the program: “I believe in the process. I believe in our coaches. We just got to keep getting 1% better every single day. I see the progress every single day. The team is starting to love each other. I’ll fight with these guys forever. I’ll always be a Seminole for life.”

Emmett Rice

On how close the defense is: “I believe it’s one or two guys here or there. We just have to get out of our own way as a defense.”

On development of his leadership: “I’ve developed by trying to lead by example. Stuff in the classroom and just trying to do the right thing all the time.”

On the progression of the defense: “I am seeing progress from the defense, we just have to continue to progress. We can’t get tired of doing the right thing, we just have to keep going.”

On coming back next year: “That decision is still up in the air because I’m trying not to focus on next year. I’m just trying to focus on helping my team and get better with every week.”

On the opt outs earlier in the week: “At the end of the day, we got a job to do and it’s next man up.”