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Chubba Purdy speaks after first career start

Freshman QB flashes late after up-and-down performance.

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Florida State football fell for the third straight game tonight, as North Carolina State toppled them 38-22. It was a night of freshmen for FSU, starting with freshman QB Chubba Purdy. Purdy made his first career start, with Jordan Travis unavailable. It was the fourth different starting QB for FSU this season.

Purdy had an up-and-down night. He was even on the bench for the majority of the second quarter with Tate Rodemaker in the game. He showed flashes of his talent late in the game. He finished the night 15-23 for 181 yards with 2 TD’s. He also ran for 54 yards on 12 carries. Here’s what he had to say after his first career start.

Chubba Purdy

On the difference between second and first half: “Second half I felt like we opened up a lot of our plays that we worked on throughout the week. We really let it loose.”

On confidence level of the freshmen coming in: “During practice the whole week we had all these freshmen playing and practicing and we were confident in what we were going to do. Every day and every week we get better in what we can do.”

On the TD to Ontaria Wilson: “I made sure I kept my eyes down field. The safety took away one of my routes to the left and I saw Pokie break open so I threw it.”

On how he improves from week to week: “I just keep going to work and making sure that I keep getting prepared. Every week I prepare like I’m going to start. I think every week there’s just little stuff that keeps getting better.”

On first half reads: “In the beginning, based off certain reads we kept it simple. I would look at the coverage and whatever the coverage gave me that was where I was going to go.”

On Warren Thompson: “He’s been working his tail end off so I was really happy for him.”