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Seminole Wrap: An airing of grievances with Trey Rowland

Let’s have a dialogue.

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

Florida State Seminoles football, to say the least, is not having fun yet.

Nine games into head coach Mike Norvell’s tenure, FSU has two wins — just one against an FBS opponent. Nobody expected the team to be ACC contenders, especially once the schedule was redone, but few would have imagined hoping to win at least one more game in 2020.

How did we get here? What led to this? We’ve heard ad nauseam about the same few storylines — no spring, no in-person workouts, no in-person recruiting — as well as the same criticisms — that these coaches weren’t built for this rebuild, that there has been no progress from game one to game seven, that other first year programs aren’t struggling.

Juan is joined by Trey Rowland (The Rowlcast, Triple Option) to break down, well, everything that’s surrounding the program right now. From the hand that Norvell has been dealt and how that differs from the previous tenure to what this coaching staff actually deserves critique on, the two cover a smorgasbord of topics that you can actually play around loved ones.