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Staff predictions: Florida State vs. Clemson

Shield your eyes.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Florida State at Clemson Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Juan Montalvo:

This game is going to be more painful than watching the upcoming Clemson movie.

Clemson 69, FSU 0


FSU (92nd nationally) is the worst ranked team in the ACC. Clemson is #4 nationally. FSU’s offense is 90th nationally; Clemson’s defense is 3rd. FSU’s defense is 91st; Clemson’s offense is 6th. FSU could bring it’s A-game to Clemson’s C-game and lose by 28. You can guess from the below score who I think is going to play to which level.

Clemson 77, FSU 0

Jon Marchant:

Learn and move on, one play at a time.

Clemson 64, FSU 20


Just get the young guys lots of reps against outstanding competition, try to stay healthy, and focus on trying to beat Duke. I can’t believe I’m saying that about FSU football but that’s where we are.

Clemson 66, FSU 10

Evan Johnson:
We now see a path to Wyatt Rector: FSU quarterback — 2020 isn’t a wash after all.

FSU 51, Clemson 14

Trey Rowland:

Florida State and Clemson had one of the most epic rivalries in the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Much in the same way that Mick Foley and The Undertaker had one of the most epic rivalries in the history of professional wrestling.

But, in 1998, The Undertaker did this to Mick Foley:


Then he did this:


And then finally:


Funnily enough, Mick Foley actually got more offense in during that match than I expect FSU to on Saturday.


Foley would eventually regroup, come back with a revamped gimmick, and finally secure his place at the top of The Sport of Kings. That’s what Florida State is working towards and could very well happen a few years down the road.

So, keep the faith ’Nole fam; it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll.

Clemson 55, FSU 13


A mismatch you say? Allow me to go full homer. Jordan Travis back, Clemson gives up major explosives, and Clemson is missing bodies in the front 7. I smell ups.... I can’t even finish that joke. FSU is at an all time low and in full rebuild while Clemson is at an all time high. Look for small victories in this game or find something else to do.

Clemson 60, FSU 17

Matt Minnick:

The Tigers prevail in a squeaker.

Clemson 56, FSU 9

Austin Cox

I think if these two teams played 10 times, Clemson would probably win 5 times, and Florida State would probably win the other five.

In all seriousness, coach Norvell should be playing a Derrick Brooks quote from 1994 on loop at practice this week: “Let’s make it respectable.”

That’s what Brooks said down 31-3 to Florida in 1994. Can FSU make it respectable this week?

Clemson 56, Florida State 20

Frank’s ANole:

The FSU football team has had this date circled on the schedules inside their Trapper Keepers since the beginning of the year.

I don’t follow sports betting and I would not be surprised if Clempsun is favored to win, but our Noles are going to surprise the world and show they are back.

The Noles may not get to the Playoffs until next year, but beating the kitties will get us to a better bowl game this year, and more importantly we will have soiled their season in what should be an offensive slugfest of a game.

Soiled it. Soiled it. Soiled it. Soiled it. Soiled it.


Perry Kostidakis:

Clemson is going to win the first half — garbage time, realistically, could start as soon as the second quarter (though, if Dirty Mike and the boys are able to scheme up a way to limit possessions and FSU gets lucky on a special teams play or two, garbage time could take an extra few minutes.)

What will be important is for Florida State to win the second half — in 2018, when Clemson came to town and unleashed a whoopin’ so bad that it turned into a relaxing, serene place for a half-naked man to read a novel inside the stadium, several players quite clearly quit in the game — one of the major cracks in the eventual shattering of the last coaching staff.

You might be frustrated at the fact that Florida State, a program that’s listed amongst the vaunted ones in college football lore, is at the point where it’s hoping its players pretty please try hard the whole game, but in case you missed it, this is a full on rebuild — gutting the floors, checking for black mold and termites.

Clemson 53, FSU 24


This game arguably shouldn’t be played for the well-being of the fanbase.

Clemson: Roughly infinity

FSU: Non-zero