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Why Florida State vs. Clemson was postponed

The reasoning for today’s announcement

Clemson v Notre Dame Photo by Matt Cashore-Pool/Getty Images

Florida State football was scheduled to play Clemson in less than two hours, but the Tigers are now headed back to South Carolina after the game was postponed early this morning. Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports reported that a backup offensive lineman for the Tigers tested positive for COVID-19. The positive result was received after the player traveled with the team to Tallahassee.

He’s the only reported positive case for the Tigers. Due to being the only positive case, both the ACC and Clemson were ready to play Saturday’s game. Florida State officials were not. The player was reportedly symptomatic throughout the week, but had been testing negative through Clemson’s protocols.

Despite being symptomatic, the player reportedly practiced throughout the week and was in close quarters with the rest of Clemson’s offensive linemen. Despite nobody else on the team receiving a positive test after traveling to Tallahassee, FSU had concerns about a potential spread of the virus within the Clemson team.

FSU officials were also concerned with the message it would send their team if they put them in harm’s way, knowing of a potential spread within the Tigers.