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The Triple Option: UVA preview

You got lucky this time Dabo

If you tuned in Saturday at noon you were in for a real treat. There were the Clemson Tigers making complete fools of themselves led by their head coach Dabo Swinney. It was a spectacle worth the 12pm slot on ABC, but wait, this game wasn’t played out on TV. No, this game was played out in the media as Clemson tried to rationalize traveling with a player displaying COVID-19 symptoms and shaming Florida State for postponing the game.

Jump in with Adam, Kevin, and, the mustachiod man himself, Trey as they sit down and give their thoughts on Dabo. Post Escape-gate conversation the men dive into FSU’s next opponent, the Virginia Cavaliers. This year’s Virginia team has a new quarterback but the same old Bronco Mendenhall.

Coming out of this strange Clemson week are the Noles in position to break their losing streak? How do they matchup with the Cavs? Join your favorite trio as they explore all angles of this game.