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VIDEO: Mike Norvell addresses Saturday’s postponement vs. Clemson, Dabo Swinney’s comments

“Football coaches are not doctors. Some of us might think we are.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds Collegiate Athletics Roundtable at Florida State University Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Florida State ‘s head coach Mike Norvell addressed the Florida State media for the first time since Saturday’s postponement this afternoon. Norvell started his weekly press conference by thanking FSU’s medical advisors. He said, “Just want to start off and thank our medical advisors for the protocol that we have in place, the way that their entire system that has been handled.”

Florida State went through a whole week of preparation to play Saturday’s game and were looking forward to playing Clemson. Norvell mentioned that the team was disappointed, but the focus was their health. Norvell said, “Obviously it is disappointing. Was really pleased with the way our guys prepared throughout the week. For that to change the day of the game is obviously disappointing.”

Norvell mentioned that he found out about the test late Friday night, but he nor the team found out about the postponement till pre-game meal at their hotel. “We found out in pre-game meal. Our players came down and they were in their suits and we were ready to go. At that time, we found out the game was postponed. Our guys understand that their health and well-being is a top priority for us.”

Yesterday Dabo Swinney said the game was not cancelled due to Covid-19, but rather it was used as an excuse. When asked about Swinney’s comments, Norvell said, “Everyone here was excited, and wanted the opportunity to compete. the protocols that are in place to ensure the health and well-being of our athletes, we don’t take lightly. Football coaches are not doctors. Some of us might think we are.”

Norvell put it loud and clear, saying, “It absolutely was a Covid issue.”

Norvell also mentioned that he tried to get in touch with Swinney on Saturday morning after the announcement, but “couldn’t connect” with him. The Tigers’ head coach said they wouldn’t travel back to Tallahassee unless FSU paid for it. Norvell is fully committed to getting the game rescheduled in Tallahassee. “If contributions need to be made, I’ll sign up to make one.”

The Seminoles’ head coach knows he has a young team, and knows that this team needs every rep possible. Swinney said yesterday that a “few coaches” felt the same way as him about the game. When asked what he thought of that, Norvell said, “We are a young team that needs every rep it can get....I’m not concerned about what any other coach says, or thinks.”

Norvell mentioned that the Seminoles’ medical staff was worried because Clemson practiced and traveled a symptomatic player, which led to the positive test. When asked about Clemson’s handling of the situation, he said, “Other schools can handle themselves however they want. They can practice symptomatic players. But when it comes to our student athletes and their well being, we’re going to rely on our medical advisors to make the best call.”

“We’re not going to have somebody who is showing symptoms in our facility until they stop showing symptoms... We love this game. But it’s not worth compromising the right thing and player’s well-being.”