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Florida State football, recruiting news: Dr. Dabo continues anti-FSU rants while ACC provides cover

Does anyone at Clemson have the authority to tell Dabo to be quiet?

Clemson v Maryalnd Mark Gail/Tribune News Service via Getty Images


Dabo doubles down: “Covid was just an excuse to cancel the game.” Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney doubled down yesterday on controversial statements that do not appear to line up with the facts.

Mike Norvell responds: Following Dabo carrying this story into another day, Norvell expertly responded to Swinney’s statements.

Sports media is rather unambiguously siding with FSU:

But it’s also a normal week and FSU has another game to prepare for. So Norvell and his coordinators also addressed the media yesterday. Most of it was swallowed by controversy but the focus did turn toward the Virginia Cavaliers.

The Triple Option: The three amigos go to the film to preview the ’Noles’ upcoming game against the Cavaliers.

Norvell also fielded calls from fans on his weekly Call-In show.

FSU vs. Virginia — Vegas line, spread, over/under, odds.

FSU also released their depth chart for this weekend’s game.

Some lean seasons for FSU recently. Hopefully the ’Noles can turn it around soon.


TomahawkNation’s official Tribe21 Recruiting thread.

FSU offers 2023 Virginia offensive tackle Nolan McConnell.

Other Sports:

You’re not gonna want to miss this — the Men’s basketball roster preview for the 2020-2021 season.

As for the Women’s basketball team, their season opener has already been canceled and the Men’s opener could also be in jeopardy.


Patrick Williams showing off for his new fans:

Uh, yes:

Congrats Cam!

Remembering good times: