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Seminole Wrap: Discussing Dabo’s ducking accusations, Norvell’s response with Stewart Mandel

Getting a national perception outlook on the weekend’s events

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

“We are a young team that needs every rep it can get....I’m not concerned about what any other coach says, or thinks.”

“Other schools can handle themselves however they want. They can practice symptomatic players. But when it comes to our student athletes and their well being, we’re going to rely on our medical advisors to make the best call.”

“We’re not going to have somebody who is showing symptoms in our facility until they stop showing symptoms... We love this game. But it’s not worth compromising the right thing and player’s well-being.”

On Monday, Florida State Seminoles football head coach addressed the recent comments made by Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney, as well as the reasoning behind the game’s postponement.

Norvell’s response, because of Swinney’s accusations that “COVID was an excuse” not a reason for the decision to postpone, got national attention — so we brought in a national voice.

Stewart Mandel, Editor-in-chief of The Athletic’s college football network and co-host of The Audible podcast, joins Juan and Tim to discuss the comments, the overall perception of the debacle and FSU, as well as the lowdown on his top 3 Thanksgiving sides.

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