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Postponements dig deeper hole for cash-strapped FSU athletics

‘Noles have had five consecutive home athletic events postponed.

Miami v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

It’s been repeated, with merit, that the financial impacts on Florida State Seminoles football having a single football game postponed could be major.

With now two straight home games having been rescheduled, with the potential of not being played, the financial hits keep coming for a department already strapped for cash.

It hasn’t just been football, either — in the last week, three FSU basketball games (2 for the women, one for the men) have either been postponed or cancelled.

As of today, all team operations for teams not in season — basically everybody but football and the two basketball teams — have effectively shut down to save on COVID-19 tests and other related costs.

If more postponements turn into cancellations, temporary program shutdowns could turn into permanent shutdowns.

On Nov. 20, athletic director David Coburn outlined the current financial situation for FSU Athletics. He said he’s reduced the FSU athletics budget by approximately $20 million and even with those cuts, the department is still facing a significant deficit — this even after the entire athletics department, including head coaches, took a pay cut. In August a 20 percent budget cut was enacted, with layoffs coming throughout the department.

It’s something compounded by the fact that there’s been an overall downturn in financial support for the football program — season ticket sales have fallen year over year, with only around 30,000 being sold in 2019.

Additionally, the Seminole Boosters reported a fall off in support on that Nov. 20 Board of Trustees call, falling to 9000 boosters from 13,000.

Right now, the worst case scenario for Florida State is losing chances to compete in some games this season.

Worst case scenario in the long run? Losing athletic programs.