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The Triple Option: Digital Mailbag

You’ve got mail — or rather we do, and you’ve got answers

Well Florida State fans, we’ve done it, we have defeated the bye week. It was a barn burner from start to finish but... okay let me just stop there. I know why you all have clicked on this article. You are here for the single best analysis production on the internet (at least I like to tell myself that).

Jump in with Adam, Kevin, and Trey as they sit down and answer some of your questions. That’s right, the people have asked and the trio of stache, bald, and baby face have answered. Topics such as wide receiver drills, whose to blame, and what comes next at the quarterback position get analyzed.

The gang even has some fun talking favorite sports movies (Adam somehow gets called a more flexible Frank Dukes).

Coming off a tough loss to Louisville there is alot of work done during the bye week to self-scout and evaluate.

We will see going forward what steps this team is able to take to develop some consistency. We will be back to break down the Pitt game next week but until then dive in and enjoy this bye week episode!