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Scheming with CoachAB: Run Game

Power spread to the rescue

Don Juan Moore

The big question surrounding Florida State Seminoles Football & Mike Norvell’s offense is “has it peaked?”

I’m not prepared to completely give an answer to that question, but I have found some clues that suggest it has not. Norvell and offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham are very innovative but against UNC they instead relied on more simple run-pass options (RPO).

In this video I’ll discuss how and why that simplicity was effective.

Finding success for a below average offensive line was goal number one for Norvell and OL coach Alex Atkins. To achieve that goal they are asking the FSU line to lean heavily on double teams. Typically double team blocking also involves a lineman pulling down the line. One lineman pulls behind the backside guard to account for a linebacker while the play side tackle and guard double the defensive tackle and the offense is in good shape.

Watch and see how FSU puts a secondary defender in a bind with RPO action.

Here is a look at the play:

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