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Staff predictions: FSU vs. Pitt

How will the Seminoles fare in its first ACC home game vs. the Panthers?

Don Juan Moore

Evan Johnson:

It’s the moveable object vs. the stoppable force for half the game with FSU’s defense going up against Pitt’s offense. Who is more incompetent? It’s tough to say. Hopefully FSU will catch a break and Kenny Pickett will not be suiting up for the Panthers and Joey Yellen has a repeat of his Notre Dame performance. I don’t expect much scoring from either side as PITT has a very good defense but FSU’s tendency for defensive busts scare me. I’m going with the idea that Pittsburgh will be too bad on offense to take advantage of it.

FSU 24, Pitt 21


Is Kenny Pickett playing? There’s some games being played in Pittsburgh. I don’t think he does and that’s a big boost for FSU. This will be an ugly game by both teams but FSU seems to be riding this roller coaster and should be on an upswing. Terry back = passing game success = FSU win.

FSU 27, Pitt 20


I had every intention of picking Pittsburgh; they create havoc for offensive lines and they’re very good on the back end. Then Paris Ford opted out and Kenny Pickett is still not likely to play so I think FSU wins. A healthier Jordan Travis will force Pitt to rush with discipline otherwise he’ll burn them on multiple big scrambles. Player of the game? A healthy Tamorrion Terry.

FSU 28, Pitt 24


Really hoping to see the defensive line step up and get pressure on the backfield. If Yellen is the guy, I think Asante Samuel adds to his INT total. A (supposedly) healthy Jordan Travis connects early and often with a (hopefully) healthy Scary Terry, and FSU pulls out a win.

FSU 30, Pitt 24

Trey Rowland: Pittsburgh is a very physical team. They play with a Dragonheart, and have a run defense as stout as The Rock. However, their offense isn’t Untouchable, as the Panthers have had troubles finding touchdowns and Finding Forester.

Can Mike Norvell uses his Goldfinger to turn this inconsistent team into a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Or, is that simply A Bridge Too Far? We’ll find out on Saturday if this is Florida State’s Last Crusade. I personally think that the ’Noles catch the Panthers in a little game of Entrapment and hand them a loss From Russia With Love.

Could it really happen?

Never Say Never Again.

FSU 24, Pitt 17

RIP Sean Connery

Jon Marchant:

I would normally pencil this in as a loss for Florida State, but Pitt will probably be without starting QB Kenny Pickett and definitely will take the field without Paris Ford. Even if Pickett plays, one has to wonder what he can do on that ankle. Backup Joey Yellen doesn't inspire a ton of confidence, even against a bad Seminole defense. A healthy Jordan Travis may do enough to create opportunities even against a good Panthers defense.

FSU 24, 20 Pitt

Frank DeNole

It won’t be pretty for Pitt.

The Noles defense will finally perform the way they should have been playing all along. The offense will score at will, and the game will be in garbage time when Blackman and Purdy come in to play mid way through the third quarter.

This will be a fun game for FSU fans to watch.

The Florida State University 45, Pittsburg Kitties 21

Austin Cox:

It’s tough to get a read on what will occur in this game, with both teams coming off the bye. I think if you played this game 10 times, you would end up with 10 very different outcomes.

If Kenny Pickett doesn’t go, I have the Noles by 7-10 points. If the senior Pittsburgh quarterback plays, even if he’s limited, I’ve got the Panthers in a close one.

Pittsburgh 30, Florida State 27

Matt Minnick:

I like the spot FSU is in here. A mentally soft team still learning how to win needed a chance to regroup after the UL blowout, so the bye came at the perfect time. It also allowed guys to get physically healthy. It was obvious Jordan Travis wasn’t right since mid-way through the second half of the UNC game, and simply put, the current FSU offense isn’t effective without a running threat at QB. Getting Terry back out wide would be an added bonus.

Unlike Miami or UL, Pitt isn’t stocked full of elite athletes. And perhaps their best one, soon-to-be NFL pick Paris Ford, opted out last week. The absence of Ford in Pitt’s back seven increases the likelihood that a Seminole ball carrier will be able to dodge their way into the endzone a time or two.

Florida State plays well at home and pulls away from the visiting Panthers.

FSU 34, Pitt 20

Perry Kostidakis:

Wow, am I thankful that Austin took the responsibility of being the person to pick against FSU, because I wasn’t going to let the staff get meme’d.

I think the shock of the Louisville loss had the appropriate affect on the Seminoles — don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect them to have solved every single issue we’ve detailed as far as limitations in just a matter of two weeks but I also think that the message is starting to set in, at least for some players.

Pitt is a terrifying team to play when you’re an extremely good squad and they have nothing at stake — FSU is not that, so I feel comfortable in a win.

Florida State 42, Pittsburgh 30