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Jordan Travis sets Florida State school record

He breaks a 28-year-old record set by Heisman winner Charlie Ward

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

In 11 games in 1992, Heisman winner Charlie Ward set the FSU school record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 504 yards.

28 years later, Jordan Travis broke that record in roughly seven and a half games — he missed NC State while recovering from injury and left the game vs. Pittsburgh at halftime, while also not seeing a starting role until FSU’s fourth game of the season. He’ll continue to add on to his total as today’s game vs. the Duke Blue Devils goes on, but he was sitting at 525 at the time of writing.

Travis also did it in 10 less rushes than Ward.

“The confidence that he has,” head coach Mike Norvell said earlier this year on what Travis brings to the offense. “Rhythm, timing, being able to go through a progression and trusting his eyes. Also, the natural instincts that he has.

“When something breaks down or he doesn’t feel confident as he gets through the progression to be able to extend the play. He’s really done a good job ... being able to keep his eyes down the field. (He) has hit some big plays in the passing game also still providing some threat with his legs as well.”