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Triple Option, Seminole Wrap: Breaking down FSU’s 2020 season

Where did FSU fall short, outside the obvious? Where did they find success?

It’s been two weeks since Florida State Seminoles football ended its 2020 season — quietly, with the cancellation of the Wake Forest season finale after a year in which FSU had the opportunity to quite literally going through every single emotion possible on the spectrum. From the highs of the upset of then-No. 5 North Carolina (who is headed to the Orange Bowl) to the lows of blowouts at the hand of the Louisville Cardinals and Miami, the Seminoles both showed glimpses of what they were capable of and constant examples of the challenge that lie ahead for Mike Norvell and his staff.

To tackle every angle (unlike FSU), we’ve mashed up the Triple Option lads with the Seminole Wrap bruvs for a Tomahawk Nation: Endgame roundtable to discussion the good and bad of the last year of Florida State football. We touch on the surprises on each side of the ball — the happy ones and the sad ones — as well as how we believe the staff performed in its inaugural season, how gameplay matched up with preseason expectations, Perry’s inability to even attempt to brush his hair, what FSU needs to do in 2021 and more.

You can watch the episode here:

Or listen to it below: