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Florida State practice notebook: December 9

The Seminoles welcome the Duke Blue Devils to Tallahassee for the first time since 2012


Florida State head coach Mike Norvell, defensive end Janarius Robinson, defensive back Hamsah Nasilrideen and linebacker Emmett Rice all spoke with the media Wednesday, with the head man speaking on preps for Duke and personnel plans and the players touching on what they’ve seen change this season and what a final game at Doak Campbell might mean.

“I think Florida State is headed in the right direction,” Robinson said,” we have a good head coach in coach Norvell, we’re surrounded by other coaches and support staff around here that’s pushing us every day to go in the right direction — I feel very confident that this thing gets turned around pretty quick.”

“We have a saying, “be where your feet are,’” said Rice. “And of course we talk about the future and whatnot but at the end of the day, we got to be where our feet are and our feet are here right now preparing to play Duke.”

Florida State Seminoles football, for the first time since 2012, is welcoming the Duke Blue Devils to Tallahassee.

While the Blue Devils have had their own struggles this season (the latest being a 48-0 loss to the Miami-Florida Hurricanes), FSU head coach Mike Norvell is aware of the teams that Duke head coach David Cutliffe is capable of putting together.

“I know they’ve had some disappointments throughout the course of the year...but this is a team that’s capable of playing really good football — they’ve shown those flashes throughout the season.”

Norvell went on to mention a weakness on Duke’s side has been turning the ball over, something that FSU has been inconsistent in taking advantage of. The Seminoles are tied for 14th in the nation with 10 turnovers gained, but turnovers of their own (-15) have them at the bottom of FBS when it comes to turnover margin (-5).

“We’ve got to make sure that for our team that we’re not giving them extra possessions, that if we can get an opportunity to get our hands on the ball on defense and special teams that we take advantage of those opportunities.”

We’ll be speaking with head coach Mike Norvell as well as several other members of the team today. You can follow along both in the comment section and on our Twitter, and in the meantime, drop any questions you have in the comments and we’ll try to get to them.