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Mike Norvell speaks after FSU’s blowout loss to Miami

The coach was watching from home after a COVID-19 diagnosis

Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell Introduction Press Conference
Tomahawk Nation

Florida State football fell to rival Miami in blowout fashion tonight. The Seminoles’ head coach had to watch it from his living room. Due to a positive Covid-19 test, Mike Norvell was isolated in his house for the second game of his Florida State coaching career. We heard from Norvell shortly after the loss on the team’s performance, how he dealt with his own adversity at home, and the future of this FSU football team.

On the loss and performance of the team: “Disappointed for our football team, our coaching staff, our players, and our fanbase. That is definitely not how we wanted to play tonight.”

“This falls on me. I have to do a better job of putting guys in the right places to make plays.”

“We did not play to the standard of what we want to do. We got to perform at a higher level and that starts with me.”

On penalties: “I think there’s a lot of factors. We all have a choice of how we’re going to respond. All we need to focus on is each individual play. Being in control of ourselves. You aren’t going to beat any team when we can’t consistently put that into action.”

On not being there and not being able to talk to the team during the game: “I fully know that our coaching staff and leaders in the program are conveying the same message that I would have.”

On the youth movement late in the game and going forward: “We’re going to play the guys that put us in the best position to win football games. This is something that we need to do.”

On watching the game from his home: “Tonight was extremely challenging. Those are my guys. To be sitting at home and not be able to have an impact throughout the game, it was a tough night.”

On Lawrance Toafili: “I think Lawrence is a young man that has really worked hard throughout this fall camp. It was good to see him go in there and perform at a high level.”

For Norvell’s full presser, see below: