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Four Verticals: Where do we go from here?

Our 4V crew reviews the Miami film and looks for answers.

Another week and more of the same lost feeling for Florida State Seminole fans. Coming off an embarrassing loss against the Miami Hurricanes it feels as though the Seminoles are at a crossroads.

Does Mike Norvell commit to a youth movement? How long should a coach commit to players who are not his? This game was a significant moment in the Mike Norvell era and his response is worth Seminoles fans paying close attention.

The Four Verticals boys are back again and have reviewed the Miami film. Are we gluttons for punishment? Absolutely. We want to give our viewership the best analysis that we can. Something we cannot analyze is what is going on inside players heads. Join us as we discuss linebacker play, the future, and the lack of consistency this roster has had. These are difficult conversations, but somebody has to have them.

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The Four Verticals crew will continue analyzing FSU Football throughout the season to look past just the scoreboard and box score to see what went right, what went wrong, and if/where progress is being made.

Let us know your thoughts on our analysis in the comments below.