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Florida State football, recruiting news: Can the transfer portal catapult FSU to a bowl next season?

Another season officially in the books.

Don Juan Moore/Character Lines

Football and Recruiting:

Seminole Wrap podcast: Florida State Seminoles football’s recruiting has blown up recently with a slew of incoming transfers. But what does it mean for FSU’s 2021 season? How does it affect expectations for the program and recruiting going forward? The Miami Hurricanes used the transfer portal to great effect to raise the floor of the team and return to some small semblance of relevancy — can that same strategy catapult the ’Noles to a bowl game next season?

FSU kept the momentum on the trail rolling through Monday by picking up another transfer, this time former UCF cornerback Brandon Moore.

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There’s also specific discussion and a tracker just on the transfer portal.

Mega-recruit Travis Hunter is already racking up the honors:

Other Sports:

It’s that time of the year again — Florida State’s track and field programs are back in action:

College baseball rankings released! FSU comes in at 14:


Cornerback Xavier Rhodes appears to say goodbye to the Indianapolis Colts, who were knocked out of the NFL wild card round of the playoffs last Saturday by the Buffalo Bills.

Rick Leonard is still trying to find his place in the league:

Chicago Bulls fans have done a 180 on Patrick Williams since the NBA Draft — turns out he’s as good as we knew he was:

Malik Beasley hits a milestone: