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Brandon Moore talks relationship with QB McKenzie Milton

“A lot of people don’t even know, but he was my first roommate at UCF.”

By virtue of constant interaction and striving towards a common goal, teammates naturally form bonds (some better than others, obviously.)

For newly-enrolled UCF transfer defensive back Brandon Moore, his relationship with his now two-time teammate McKenzie Milton extends past simply resume sharing.

“A lot of people don’t even know, but he was my first roommate at UCF,” Moore said Tuesday, speaking with media members via Zoom. “We had already been cool when we were like 18 years old and we’re 23 now. We got hurt together, we rehabbed together for two years every day in the training room.

“We literally looked at each other every day for two years once we both got hurt. I can literally call him for anything. I’m grateful to know somebody like him. Just a special relationship and it’s crazy that we get to spend our last year together.”

Milton’s injury, suffered vs. USF in 2018, nearly cost him his leg — but according to Moore, it was the quarterback pushing the defensive back to truck through the struggles.

“I just learned he really is a warrior. His injury was worse than mine. But days I didn’t want to go through the rehab he’s pushing me. He just came every day, saying, ‘we’re gonna get through this, bro, we’re gonna play’s a small step in a row.’

You don’t have to tell him this is a big game, come on 10, let’s go. It’s just in him. I can honestly say being around him, rehabbing with him and watching him on the sidelines, 2017 and 2018....we never felt like the game was over, we knew we could win every game just because it was in him.

“I tell him every day, ‘thank you, you don’t even know how many days I didn’t want to do it and you helped me,’ seeing him run around when everybody said he couldn’t do it and there were reports that he might lose his leg.”

You can watch Moore’s full interview here: