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Staff Predictions: Florida State vs. Syracuse

Will the Seminoles avoid starting 0-5 for the first time since 1974?

NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminoles will host the Syracuse Orange at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Saturday afternoon at 3:30 p.m., and FSU will be the early favorite for the first time this season.

Your Tomahawk Nation Staff, as they do every week before a game, have broken down the film, charted every play-by-play snap, performed A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) virtual simulations of the individual man-to-man matchups [by position], compiled, sorted, and analyzed all of the data, and have come to the conclusion that the Noles should indeed be the favorites this Saturday afternoon..

Florida State Seminoles vs. Syracuse Orange:

Pre-Game Coverage from Tomahawk Nation

After looking over all of this FREE pregame content, please read what your Tomahawk Nation prognosticators predict how this Saturday’s showdown will go, and then share your opinions and your thoughts about this game.


NoleThruandThru (Season prediction record: 3-1): What a rotten start to the season it’s been for the beloved ‘Noles. Call me crazy, but I think this is the week we see significant progress on the field. Hopefully the coaches trust in the running game and we see plenty of Corbin and Ward, setting up a few big plays in the passing game and limiting turnover chances against a ‘Cuse defense that is solid in man coverage. I’m also hoping the defense comes out strong, building upon their performance in the second half vs. Louisville. After losing three games by one score, I think we see a reversal of fortune... but I’m not confident in this pick.

Florida State 31, Syracuse 27

Trey Rowland (Season prediction record: 2-1): Man, it has certainly not been a hot one for the Florida State Seminoles.

I’ll tell you guys one thing, this start to the season has been a crying shame. These results ain’t good enough for me, and I know they haven’t been good enough for you either. But, just like the ocean under the moon, I’m predicting FSU to return to a more familiar place against a foe they have historically dominated.

Syracuse will feel seven inches from the midday sun as the ’Noles rushing attack melts them into a heap of orange pulp. ’Cuse will feel their rhythm on their radio a bit and pick up some points, but in the end, Florida State will be too...smooth.

Florida State Munequitas 27, Syracuse Harlem Mona Lisas 24

Tommy (Season prediction record 1-3): After typing my prediction record out I might need to pump the brakes a bit, I don't think the Seminoles will though. The FSU coaches have said that Syracuse's defense is predicated on stopping the run and that is exactly how I think Florida State should attack them. Ground and pound, mixing in the RPO to get an edge. This is a very winnable game and if the right playmakers get the ball in their hands, success should follow. The defense has stepped up in practice this week and should build off a second-quarter shutout against Louisville.

Florida State 28, Syracuse 17

LastNoleOfKrypton: I almost went to Syracuse. I was a fan of the engineering school and unlike most people I love living around a metric ton of snow but I hate the color orange so that was a hard pass. Play action and the rushing attack will be huge in this one. Jermaine Johnson leads the country in sacks; you know who’s tied for second? Syracuse’s Cody Roscoe.

The best way to deal with a great pass rush is to lean on them and run it down their throats and if FSU can get two of its offensive lineman back this week I expect that to happen.

Noles 34 Orangemen 30

CoachAB (Season prediction record: 3-1): Who will be available up front? If Smith and Scott both play for the Noles without any other front line starters missing I expect some positive outcomes for the offense. No matter what is said the Seminole coaching staff did a better job of scheming plays, specifically runs, open. We will see if any of the WR core answer the call and find some consistency.

Defensively it’s going to be strength on strength. Will Lovett be back? That is a major key to slowing down this vaunted rushing attack. Not having to play Jarrett Jackson and Malcolm Ray quite as much as you did against Louisville. Finally, can this secondary start with the intensity and focus they showed the second half against Louisville? If so, I expect the Noles to get on the board.

FSU 34, Cuse 21

Jon Marchant: (Season prediction record 2-2)

I’m choosing positivity, for no other reason than I want to. So..uhh, yeah. Go Noles!

FSU 31, Syracuse 27

FrankDNole: (Season prediction record 0-4- but my W/L record is somewhat deceiving because we were just a few plays away from being 4-0.)

As any long-time TN Member can attest to, if anything, I am a realist.

I acknowledge that FSU’s chances of the Noles making it to the College Football Playoff this year become slimmer with each loss.

That means FSU is now angling for a chance to play at one of the Big 6 Bowl Games.

FSU will unleash a fury of pent-up frustration on the Orange.

Also, orange is FUGULY.

FSU 41, Syracuse 27

Brian Pellerin (Season prediction record: 2-2):

Florida State has looked every part of their record over the last three weeks, and, if we’re being honest with ourselves, most of the first week as well. This team has been beaten up early in each of their last two contests and falling behind early is a recipe for disaster for this team. Luckily for them, I don’t expect Syracuse to be very explosive so I think the Seminoles can use more of the running game which has been their strength so I’m going with the Noles to break the losing streak.

FSU 27, Syracuse 20

Perry Kostidakis (Season prediction record 2-2):

Florida State is having its worst season in recent history, and absolutely since the program became a household name. It’s been a tale of underperforming mixed in with spurts of what could be successes, evidenced by FSU’s penchant for outgaining the opponents it keeps losing to.

If this season is going to be worth anything, it has to start this week. FSU showed what it could be in the second half vs. Louisville — now, can it actually do it for a full 60 minutes?

FSU 34, Syracuse 24