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Mike Norvell recaps UNC win as FSU’s bye week begins

“Not many people gave us a chance to go achieve success, but they believed we could.”

NCAA Football: Florida State at North Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State football is riding momentum into their bye week after a 35-25 win at North Carolina. The Seminoles are 2-4 heading into their bye week after back-to-back ACC victories. Mike Norvell met with the media this morning for his weekly Monday press conference. Norvell recapped his first road win as the head coach at FSU and spoke on the positives of the bye week for the ‘Noles. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“Really proud of our football team. I thought we played one of our cleanest games... All in all, a really good team win. We were able to go out there and execute on game day and I’m proud of them.”

“I thought Jordan played at an extremely level. The efficiency of him throwing the football was incredible. Great decisions. I thought our receivers stepped up and made some really critical plays.”

“I was a lot happier after this one than a year ago. This was a clean game. Being able to truly win the game by doing the things that were necessary, I was pleased with our team.”

“The situational football is getting better and that comes from the investment of our players.”

“Not many people gave us a chance to go achieve success, but they believed we could.”

“It was fun watching the film. There weren’t many negatives... It was nice seeing 11 guys operating as one.”

“I want to shout out our offensive lines. Those guys blocked extremely well. These guys, they’re growing up. That group has been battling.”

“Rob Scott probably played his best game of the year. You could see him getting more and more confident.”

“Dillan Gibbons I thought played one of his better games since he’s been here just from a physicality standpoint.”

“I think Jordan played very confident. I think the play that stood out was the 3rd-and-6 where he hit Keyshawn on the under route. That was one where he went through a progression. I thought that sparked him, the rest of the game looked like it was going in slow motion for him.”

“We need it. We obviously need to get guys healed up. We’ll come back to work tomorrow and Wednesday and work on the fundamentals. We’ve been pushing hard and these guys have been responding.”

“We played good football Saturday because we prepared to play good football and executed.”

“The development of Kevin Knowles has been something I’m really pleased to see.”

We’ll update this article with video from the press conference when it becomes available.