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Brews ‘n’ BBQ: Tallahassee Bye Week Edition

Home game, home beers, home q.

One weekly feature Tomahawk Nation readers are familiar is our Question and Answers series from Jon Marchant. Jon gets some great insight from our partner SB Nation websites for each week. This week, Bye is on the table. I answered his questions - read them here.

But I wanted more - a few years back, myself and another TN writer were doing Craft Beer reviews of the local breweries in FSU’s opponents’ hometowns. Since Jon was already talking to folks about their teams, I figured we’d toss in a couple questions about what everyone cares most about:

Beer and BBQ.

Tallahassee has a growing beer scene, and some newer BBQ joints. We asked Me of Tomahawk Nation for my insight on the Tallahassee brewery and barbeque scene.

Breweries in Tallahassee have improved a lot. When I graduated in 2010, the only brewery I remember (as a college kid who rarely ventured outside the college area) was Proof’s downstairs nanobrewery. It’s exploded since - both Proof (who are on their second location since the old Liquor Loft) and the Tallahassee beer scene in general.

The best in town? Ology for me. I’m an IPA guy, so there is some IPA bias there. But Ology is top class, and not just their IPA’s. They do pretty much every style well. Deep is pretty well rounded too. Proof is solid for every style, and IMO has better IPA’s than Deep does. Oyster City (in the old Grasslands location) is less IPA heavy, but their brown ale is fantastic, and they’re good across a few styles. Lake Tribe I haven’t been to in person, but from what I’ve had around Tallahassee, they are OK.

I’d rank them as follows: Ology, Proof, Oyster City, Deep, Lake Tribe.

As far as taprooms go? Proof has the best one, by far, and it isn’t close. I prefer the vibe of Ology (Midtown or Powermill), but Proof’s outdoor area is big, comfortable, and you can take your child or dog comfortably - very family friendly. I know that seems strange to say for a brewery, but it is very important. Oyster City’s outdoor area is also very sizable, and has a nice setup for live music. Deep’s patio is picnic benches in their parking lot, and it’s good. If you want the best atmosphere/bar to talk beer with other patrons and/or the bartender, Ology midtown is your best bet, with their powermill location a close second. There’s a trend here - Ology is a beer nerd’s brewery, without a doubt. You won’t be able to have those conversations when Proof is shoulder to shoulder.

Jim & Milt’s. Kidding, although that was the spot for a $4 hangover cure breakfast meal.

The Red Shed is just north of Mahan/Chaires Cross, which is a bit east of town, but not too far. One of the cooler spots around on top of having really good Q. Haven’t had their brisket, but everything else is good - they do pulled rib meat, which was fantastic. Other places that have been recommended but I can’t personally speak to: Mission BBQ, Mo-Betta.

Thanks again to Me for his insight.

Hopefully, this is a helpful guide for those venturing to Tallahassee looking for good Q and brew. Join us next week when we get back to the Evil North, and we tell our friends from Massachusetts how their BBQ is wicked bad.