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The Triple Option: Instant Reaction to Florida State win over Syracuse with CoachAB

What a feeling.

Noles win! Noles win! Didn’t think it would take five weeks to say that, but here we are. Saturdays feel a little sweeter when Florida State finds a way to eek out a walk-off victory over the mighty Syracuse Orange. Did I seriously just say that? Yep, because I’ve got to type 150 words or else Google doesn’t like me.

Seriously, there were some highlights and lowlights to this game. The first highlight was carrying over the defensive effort fromthe second half against the Louisville Cardinals. That felt like a step in the right direction, and it wasn’t until the FSU offense started to put the defense in bad positions that things fell apart. Another highlight on the night was the usage of the running backs. Jashaun Corbin and Treshaun Ward saw the field together a lot tonight and touched the ball roughly 30 times combined. If Jordan Travis had been fully healthy, it would’ve really opened up this rushing attack.

You know what? I’m not even going to bother with the lows tonight.

Go Noles!