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Staff Predictions: Florida State Seminoles vs. UMass (University of Massachusetts)

Will the Seminoles celebrate Homecoming with their third straight win?

NCAA Football: Florida State at North Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminoles will host the UMass Minutemen at the Doak for Homecoming this Saturday at Noon.

The Seminoles are a big favorite to win their third game of the season, and the Nole fans are eager and excited about giving former(?) coach(?) Walt Bell, well deserved and welcome back to Tallahassee greetings and salutations.

Your Tomahawk Nation Staff, as they do every week before a game, have broken down the film, charted every play-by-play snap, performed A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) virtual simulations of the individual man-to-man matchups [by position], compiled, sorted, and analyzed all of the data, and have come to the conclusion that the Noles should indeed be the healthy favorites this Saturday at Noon.

Florida State Seminoles vs. UMass Minutemen:

Pre-Game Coverage from Tomahawk Nation

I thought that was pretty cool by everyone involved. I love the interactions with the enemies.


After looking over and digesting all of this FREE PREGAME CONENT, please read what your Tomahawk Nation Staff prognosticators predict how this Saturday’s showdown will go down, and then please share your opinions and thoughts about this game.


Trey Rowland (Season prediction record: 3-1):

Walt Bell sucks.

Florida State 223, UMass 0


Brian Pellerin (Season prediction record: 3-3):

Are we at the point where I’m allowed to take this game lightly? I know the Jacksonville State result makes everyone question it, but UMass should not be a concern. Boston College and Pitt beat this team in their respective games by a combined 96-35. This shouldn’t be close.

Florida State 41, UMass 10


Tommy (Season prediction record: 3-3):

The Noles pulled off the upset in North Carolina, went into a bye. Then they had a great practice, and then a not-so-great one, but I still think the team comes out fired up and craving another win.

With defensive end Jermaine Johnson II, followed by loads of talent on the defensive line, (Fabian Lovett, Robert Cooper, Derrick McClendon II to name a few) I think they will be able to halt UMass who averages five points a game on the road.

Jordan Travis has seated himself firmly in the offense and the run game will flourish enough to see a healthy rotation of Milton, Purdy, and Rodemaker in the third quarter, which will allow some young guys reps in garbage time.

I do not expect coach Norvell to take his foot off the gas. The minutemen won't last 15:

Florida State 41, UMass 7


NoleThruandThru (Season prediction record: 4-2):

The ‘Noles are on a roll, as healthy as they’re going to be, and no longer overlooking lesser opponents. I hope this will finally be the game that FSU earns garbage time and plays a bunch of younger guys. Mike Norvell will make sure that Walter Bell haz all the sads on his flight home.

FSU 48, umASS 13



Screw Walt Bell as a staff, label, and as a crew. College Coaches jump ship all the time but the way he leapt still rubs me the wrong way; Noles’ roll while staying healthy. Malik McClain gets in the end-zone twice.

FSU 62 UMass 10


FrankDNole (Season prediction record: I will not comply by giving out this private information because the numbers are irrelevant and not really important in the grand scheme of things, with all of the problems and issues we are facing as a society.)

What is important however, is my concern that the Noles will be treating this game as a walk-through, run and practice session for the upcoming Clempsun game.

I also don’t like Walt Bell because he seems dishonest and untrustworthy.

The Florida State University Seminoles 51, Walt’s boys 24



UMass? Who the hell are they? We are never overlooking an opponent here at TN (and apparently at FSU now). I’ve watched a few UMass games on the ole YouTube and by golly they suck. There’s just no way around it. Their QB looks like Kevin Little running around out there. Come away healthy and with a win please.

FSU 45, UMass 14


Juan “The Portender” Montalvo:

Ring the bell.

The liberty bell.

It was cracked in Philadelphia, portending the fractioned nature of the early United States under the articles of confederation. Liberty fractured under the fractions with increasing factions.

We knew this was coming.

Revere rode the streets of Massachusetts, echoing the chorus of the incoming redcoats.

The bell shall remain broken. Walt Bell shall remain unbroken.

His greatest accomplishment in football? Preventing Sam Howell and his helicopter father from prolonging the Willie Taggart era.

My compliments to the chef.

Noles 69 - Massachusetts’s Fighting Bellsacks 0


Jon Marchant (Season prediction record: 4-2):

Let’s try this again, shall we?

FSU 111, UMass 0


Perry Kostidakis (Season prediction record 4-2):

The three words that best describe UMass are as follows, and I quote: ”Stink, stank, stunk.”

Mike Norvell has yet to have a signature, feel-good blowout victory vs. an opponent (unless you want to count Duke from 2020, which feels more like a fever dream than a real game at this point) and by golly, would it feed nice to get one of ‘em as FSU notches its first three-game win streak since 2017.

FSU 52, UMass 10