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FSU vs. UMass: Defensive breakdown, analysis

The Noles rout the Minutmen

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

FLORIDA STATE — The Florida State Seminoles are coming off a bye week and a victory over the North Carolina Tar Heels and face off against the University of Massachusettes at home. The defense as a whole has allowed 30.3 points per game look to pad those statistics as the Minutemen only averaged 16.7 points per contest so far.


  • UMass’ offense showed a bunch of stacked three-receiver sets on both sides of the field and the FSU defense forced a quick three downs. The drive ends in a field goal for the Minutemen after starting with great field position caused by a fumble on special teams from cornerback Travis Jay that set them up at the 26-yard line.
  • The freshman showed up early. Defensive Tackle Malcolm Ray forced a bad throw on second down and defensive back Kevin Knowles forced the punt with a textbook tackle on third.

The Walt Bell offense has shown some very strange formations using linemen where receivers would be in three-man sets only to hand the ball off up the middle and it didn't seem to be very effective.

Florida State 10, UMass 3


  • The first defensive play was an all-out blitz that almost hit home. The UMass quarterback was able to find a receiver wide open for a huge gain. Jarvis Brownlee was able to chase the receiver down from behind to save the touchdown. Brownlee was the most physical player in the first two quarters delivering some massive hits from the secondary.
  • Linebacker Amari Gainer drew a personal foul by roughing the passer that kept the UMass offense alive and put the Minutemen in scoring position. The defense held strong from the two-yard line forcing a bad throw into double coverage. Defensive back Jammie Robbinson got the first interception of the day.
  • Brownlee, the invisible man, made up for a dropped interception earlier in the game and got lost in coverage, jumping a route for a 70-yard pick-six.

Half-Time Stats


  • Total yards: 121
  • Time of possession: 14:38
  • Average yards per play: 3.9
  • Turnovers: 2
  • Third down conversions: 1 out of 5

Florida State 38, UMass 3

The Florida State defense was able to hold the Minutemen to 121 yards of total offense. There were zero sacks by the defense and three tackles for loss. The leading tackler was linebacker D.J. Lundy and FSU’s defensive turnovers have led to 14 of the 38 points on the board. The defensive line and secondary shut everything down and were able to keep UMass’ offense pedestrian.


  • D.J. Lundy recorded the first sack for the Seminole defense on a booming hit for a 5-yard loss ending the drive.
  • Kalen Deloach got his name called after a honing tackle for loss in the backfield to make it third and forever. The following play showed good pressure from newcomer defensive lineman Joshua Farmer that forced another incompletion and another three and out.


  • The defense did not pump the brakes being up 56 points and only allowed 120 yards in the second half holding strong not giving up a score. This game was a good opportunity to get some much-needed reps for rotational players and newcomers alike. Defensive linemen Patrick Payton, Tru Thompson, Marcus Cushnie, T.J Davis, and defensive backs Demorie Tate, and Hunter Washington all got live game experience.
  • Missed tackles will be something that needs to be cleaned up before the Seminoles face the Clemson Tigers next week. The defense as a whole played very well against a very bad offense. Florida State played a very clean game only having three penalties but two of them were from the defense. Overall it was a dominant performance totaling four sacks and nine tackles for loss. Linebacker Amari Gainer was the leading tackler on the team with six tackles and a forced fumble.

Defensive player of the game: Jarvis Brownlee II.


  • Total yards: 241
  • Time of possession: 30:00
  • Average yards per play: 4
  • Turnovers: 3
  • Third down conversions 3 out of 12

Florida State 59, UMass 3

Florida State vs. UMass: Offensive breakdown, analysis