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Players speak to media after dominant win over UMass

QB’s Jordan Travis and Chubba Purdy among six who spoke.

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State football is now 3-4 after their third straight victory, a dominant 59-3 win over the UMass Minutemen. FSU accumulated 586 yards of total offense, while holding UMass under 250 total yards. The Seminoles were dominant in the trenches, racking up 365 yards on the ground and five rushing touchdowns. After the game, QB Jordan Travis, QB Chubba Purdy, CB Jarvis Brownlee, RB Jashaun Corbin, LB Amari Gainer, and OT Darius Washington spoke to the media.

Here’s some of what they had to say:

Jordan Travis

“Guys are coming out and giving 100% every single day. It showed today, the guys came to work and made big plays.”

“We’re brothers. Guys like seeing other guys make plays. It’s a team game and we’re a team for once.”

“The whole year, guys came to work every single day. It’s a mindset thing. I just think we’re getting used to winning.”

“We know what it’s like to lose, and we don’t want to lose again.”

“Seeing your teammates succeed, it’s really special. Watching Chubba play, I was more happy for his touchdowns than mine.”

“Knowing what these guys have gone through... I just love to see people smiling.”

Chubba Purdy

“I told Jordan Young if I got in the game, I would try to get him a touchdown.”

“I’m super blessed. This was my first game coming back and getting reps so I was just super excited. I’m just glad to be healthy and to be back and practicing.”

“This year, I’m just way more comfortable. Compared to last year, I feel like I had my head on the right track for this game.”

“McKenzie wants nothing but the best for us. He’s just super positive. Jordan and McKenzie have been awesome, I really look up to them. Super blessed to have them.”

Jarvis Brownlee

“I was supposed to have two pick sixes. It’s just about facing adversity. I tried to run without securing the ball, but god gave me another opportunity and I took advantage of it.”

“The first few weeks it was tough, giving up big plays. We just told ourselves we’ve got to keep working and getting better.”

“We’ve just got to keep that same edge, that same drive, and we’ll keep coming out victorious.”

“Norvell, he just told me he love me and that it was a nice way to come back from adversity. He told me to keep my foot on the gas. He was just so happy for me.”

Jashaun Corbin

“Just shows our backfield is explosive. No matter who’s in there, there’s no drop off. Everybody’s capable of big plays.”

“It just shows how much it means to everyone on offense. No matter who is getting the ball, we’re trying to make that extra block to spring the plays.”

Amari Gainer

“Felt good to be out there and show up and respond to adversity. Feels good to be out there and have each other’s backs.”

“One team, one heart beat. To see the young guys go out there and execute, it brings a lot of happiness to the team. Everybody’s going out there and executing and doing their job.”

Darius Washington

“Just running the ball, we were just aggressive up front. To see the five different scorers, that’s exciting.”

“We go out and we work and we grind together as a team.”

“There’s always things you can improve on. You never play a perfect game. You want to play a perfect game, but mistakes are going to happen.”

We’ll update this article with videos of the press conferences when it becomes available.