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Mike Norvell pleased with, but not satisfied by dominant win over UMass

“I don’t care who we play, when we play, where we play, I just want them to be their best.”

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State football dominated the UMass Minutemen for a 59-3 win today. The Seminoles gained nearly 600 yards, out-gaining UMass by over 300 yards. It was the most dominant game of Mike Norvell’s tenure at Florida State as FSU racked up many new highs under the head coach. Norvell spoke to the media after the game. Here’s some of what Norvell had to say after the Seminoles’ third straight victory:

“Really proud of our guys today. It was a good week of work, I thought they did a great job of responding. Went out there and was able to play a pretty clean football game.”

“A lot of work that we’ve got to continue to do, but it’s good to see the confidence slowly growing.”

“At the end of the day, I thought we did what we needed to do. I thought we went out there and played a good game, complimentary football.”

“I thought it was a dominant performance by our defense, something that we needed. I was really pleased with our performance defensively.”

“Even the first month of the season, you saw the fight, you saw the belief of what we were trying to push to. We still got a long ways to go in our journey, but all we can control is today.”

“My only concern is this football team. I don’t care who we play, when we play, where we play, I just want them to be their best.”

“I thought our guys did a nice job executing. It was nice to see Chubba come in. Seemed very in control. He’s getting better. He was good to see him translate that into a game situation.”

“At the end of the day, you’re not going to make every play, but you learn your lessons.”

“It’s been a challenging season for those guys (the offensive line) but I really appreciate their work. These guys, they’re giving everything that they have.”

We’ll update this article with video of the press conference when it becomes available.